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Modem Fiction Studies Biannual Index Volumes 38 (1992) and 39 (1993) Authors of Articles and Reviews Abbott, Reginald. "What Miss Kilman's Petticoat Means: Virginia Woolf, Shopping, and Spectacle." 38: 193-216. Alvarez-Rubio, Pilar. Review: Castillo, Talking Back: Toward a Latin American Feminist Literary Criticism. 39: 393-394. Attridge, Derek. Reviews: Bell, Jocoserious Joyce: The Fate of Folly in Ulysses; Benstock, Narrative Con/Texts in Ulysses; Devlin, Wandering and Return in Finnegans Wake: An Integrative Approach to Joyce's Fictions. 38: 514-517. Bagchi, Nivedita. "The Process of Validation in Relation to Materiality and Historical Reconstruction in Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines." 39: 187-202. Bailey, Dennis L. Review: Weisberg, Poethics: And Other Strategies of Law and Literature. 38: 1006-1007. Balbert, Peter. Review: Merrill, Norman Mailer Revisited. 39: 383-384. Barnett, Louise K. Review: Raphael, Edith Wharton's Prisioners of Shame: A New Perspective on Her Neglected Fiction. 38: 467-468. Barone, Dennis. Review: Fokkema, Postmodern Characters: A Study of Characterization in British and American Postmodern Fiction; Raper, Narcissus from Rubble: Competing Models of Character in Contemporary British and American Fiction. 39: 390-391. Bedad, Ali. Review: Jussawalla, Interviews with Writers of the Post-Colonial World. 39: 409-410. Begam, Richard. "Splitting the Différance: Beckett, Derrida and the Unnamable ." 38: 873-892. Ben-Zvi, Linda. Review: Harrington, The Irish Beckett. 39: 401-402. Bishop, Edward L. "The Subject in Jacob's Room" 38: 147-176. Blackwell, Scott. Review: Black, The Aesthetics of Murder. 38: 1007-1008. Blanchard, Lydia. Review: Storch, Sons and Adversaries: Women in William Blake and D. H. Lawrence. 38: 513-514. Blelloch, Paola. Review: Bullock, Natalia Ginzburg: Human Relationships in a Changing World. 38: 528. Bolsterli, Margaret Jones. Review: Ruppersburg, Robert Penn Warren and the American Imagination; Machann, Katherine Anne Porter and Texas. 38: 482-483. Bongie, Chris. '"Lost in the Maze of Doubting': J. M. Coetzee's Foe and the Politics of (Un)Likeness." 39: 261-282. Boyd, Brian. Review: Alexandrov, Nabokov's Otherworid. 38: 477-478. 842 MFS Boyer, Allen D. Review: Godden, Fictions of Capital: The American Novel from James to Mailer. 38: 463 Brinkmeyer, Robert, Jr. Review: Humphries, Southern Literature and Literary Theory. 39: 375-376. Brothers, Barbara. Review: Brown, The Poison at the Source: The Female Novel of Self-Development in the Early Twentieth Century. 38: 988-989. Bucknell, Brad. "Re-reading Pater: The Musical Aesthetics of Temporality." 38: 597-614. Cahalan, James M. Review: Hyland, Irish Writing: Exile and Subversion; Rauchbauer, Ancestral Voices: The Big House in Anglo-Irish Literature; Genet, The Big House in Ireland: Reality and Representation; Purser, The Literary Works of Jack B. Yeats. 38: 966-969. Cannon, JoAnn. "The Imaginary Universe of Umberto Eco: A Reading of Foucault's Pendulum." 38: 895-909. Carmichael, Thomas. Review: Downing, Image and Ideology in Modern/ Postmodern Discourse. 38: 1002-1003. Chanda, Swati. Review: Tharu, Women Writing in India: 600 B.C. to the Present, Volume I. 39: 211-214. Childers, Mary M. "Virginia Woolf on the Outside Looking Down: Reflections on the Class of Women." 38: 61-80. Chowdhury, Kanishka. Review: Ahmed, In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literatures ; Suleri, The Rhetoric of English India. 39: 206-211. Christian, Barbara. "Layered Rhythms: Virginia Woolf and Toni Morrison." 39: 483-500. Cohn, R. Reviews: Wong, Politics and Literature in Shanghai: The Chinese League of Left-Wing Writers, 1930-36; Huters, Reading the Modern Chinese Short Story; lto, Visions of Desire: Tanizaki's Fictional Worlds. 38: 981-984. Colley, Ann C. Review: Rielke, The Sense of Nonsense. 39: 437-439. Cooley, Ronald W. "The Hothouse or the Street: Imperialism and Narrative in Pynchon's V." 39: 307-326. Covey, William B. Review: Cohen, Writing in a Film Age: Essays by Contemporary Novelists. 38: 1005-1006. Crooks, Robert. "Triptych Vision: Voyeurism and Screen Memories in Joyce's Portrait." 38: 377-402. Dasenbrock, Reed Way. Review: Ruthrof, Pandora and Occam: On the Limits of Language and Literature; Arac, Consequences of Theory. 39: 433435 . Davidson, Arnold E. Review: Ketterer, Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy. 38: 952-953. Davis, Leonard J. Review: Kaufman, Special Delivery: Epistolary Modes in Modern Fiction. 39: 444-445. Deering, Dorothy. Review: Garson, Hardy's Fables of Integrity: Woman, Body...


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