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Ahearn, Edward J. Marx and Modern Fiction. New Haven: Yale UP, 1991. 231 pp. $25.00 cloth; pb. $11.95.
Altieri, Charles. Canons and Consequences: Reflections on the Ethical Force of Imaginative Ideals. Evanston: Northwestern UP, 1991. 370 pp. $36.95 cloth; pb. $14.95.
Behler, Ernst. Irony and the Discourse of Modernity. Seattle: U of Washington P, 1990. 154 pp. $20.00.
Bleiler, Everett F. Science-Fiction: The Early Years. Kent: Kent State UP, 1991. 998 pp. $75.00.
Claridge, Laura, and Elizabeth Langland. Out of Bounds: Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1990. 344 pp. No price given.
DeConcini, Barbara. Narrative Remembering. Lanham: UP of America, 1990. 281 pp. $36.50.
D'haen. Theo, and Hans Bertens. History and Post-war Writing: Postmodern Series 3. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1990. 279 pp. pb. $19.75.
Derrida, Jacques. A Derrida Reader: Between the Blinds. Ed. Peggy Kamuf. New York: Columbia UP, 1991. 625 pp. $65.00 cloth; pb. $19.50.
Fischer, Hermann. Romantic Verse Narrative: The History of a Genre. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1991. 289 pp. No price given.
Hilfer, Tony. The Crime Novel: A Deviant Genre. Austin: U of Texas P, 1990. 180 pp. $30.00.
Kermode, Frank. The Uses of Error. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1991. 432 pp. $24.95.
Levy, Anita. Other Women: The Writing of Class, Race, and Gender, 1832-1898. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1991. 174 pp. $35.00 cloth; pb. $9.95.
Nussbaum, Martha C. Love's Knowledge: Essays on Philosophy and Literature. New York: Oxford UP, 1990. 403 pp. $42.50.
Wall, Barbara. The Narrator's Voice: The Dilemma of Children's Fiction. New York: St. Martin's, 1991. 292 pp. $39.95. [End Page 350]


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