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This checklist continues the previous Modern Fiction Studies bibliography in the John Updike Number, Spring, 1974. Part I consists of general studies of Updike's work, Part II lists commentaries on individual books, and Part III contains interviews with Updike. Essentially, I have included only items of scholarly and critical interest, so most routine reviews from the popular press are not listed. Foreign criticism, short book notices, and items in encylopedias, handbooks, anthologies, histories of literature and newspapers are highly selective. Doctoral dissertations have not been included.

No adjective quite describes the sheer volume of Updike's prose and poetry. For those who believe that this production is commensurate with the highest quality of writing now being produced by an American writer, the wealth of commentary on Updike is not surprising. But such plenitude creates problems for the diligent bibliographer anxious to put into his colleagues' hands the most serviceable tool he can fashion. Imperfect [End Page 129] though it may of necessity be, this bibliography should help to make the fine quality of Updike scholarship all the richer.

I wish to acknowledge with pleasure the contributions of Leena Chakrabarti, Christina McGuire, Kristi Nimmo, Diana Wilson, and especially my indefatigable research assistant, Edyta Oczkowicz, graduate students in my Updike seminar in fall, 1989.

An asterisk (*) indicates the item has not been seen.

I. General

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Coale, Samuel C. "Marriage in Contemporary American Literature: The Mismatched Marriages of Manichean Minds." Thought...


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