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Adelman, Gary. "Anna Karenina": The Bitterness of Ecstasy. Boston: Hall, 1990. 157 pp. $20.95.
Baudelaire, Charles. The Parisian Prowler. Trans. Edward K. Kaplan. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1990. 138 pp. $19.95 cloth; pb. $9.95.
Ben-Zvi, Linda. Women in Beckett: Performance and Critical Perspectives. Champaign: U of Illinois P, 1990. 260 pp. $37.50.
Céla, Camilo Jose. Mrs. Caldwell Speaks to Her Son: A Novel. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1990. 206 pp. $29.95 cloth; pb. $8.95.
De Bruyn, Gunter. Markische Forschungen: Erzahlung für Freunde der Literaturgeschichte. New York: Manchester UP, 1990. 175 pp. $39.95 cloth; pb. $14.95.
Fridegard, Jan. Sacrificial Smoke, 1949. Trans. Robert E. Bjork. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1990. 190 pp. No price given.
Handke, Peter. Absence. Trans. Ralph Manheim. 1987. New York: Farrar, 1990. 118 pp. $18.95.
———. The Weight of the World: A Journal. 1979. New York: Macmillan, 1990. 243 pp. pb. $8.95.
Hermunsgard, Frode. Child of the Earth: Tarjei Vesaas and Scandinavian Primitivism. Westport: Greenwood, 1989. 160 pp. $37.95.
Gross, Ruth V. Critical Essays on Franz Kafka. Boston: Hall, 1990. 281 pp. $38.00
Kis, Danilo. Hourglass. New York: Farrar, 1990. 274 pp. $22.95.
Konwicki, Tadeusz. Bohin Manor. New York: Farrar, 1990. 249 pp. $19.95.
Lo-Johansson, Ivar. Breaking Free. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1990. 474 pp. $42.50.
Lugowski, Clemens. Form, Individuality and the Novel: An Analysis of Narrative Structure in Early German Prose. Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 1990. 212 pp. $27.50.
Motte, Warren F., Jr. Questioning Edmond Jabes. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1990. 183 pp. $23.95.
Mukerji, Vanita Singh. Ivo Andric: A Critical Biography. Jefferson: McFarland, 1990. 212 pp. $39.95.
Sadlier, Darlene J. The Question of How: Women Writers and New Portugese Literature. Westport: Greenwood, 1989. 141 pp. No price given.
Schierbeek, Bert. Keeping It Up: The Countryside. 1977. Trans. Charles McGeehan. Detroit: Wayne State UP, 1990. 188 pp. $19.95 cloth; pb. $14.95.
Seeberg, Peter. The Imposter. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1990. 113 pp. $22.95 cloth; pb. $7.95.
Shklovsky, Viktor. Theory of Prose. 1929. Trans. Benjamin Sher. Elmwood Park: Dalkey Archive, 1990. 216 pp. $29.95.
Tamburri, Anthony Julian. Of Saltimbanchi and Incendiari. Cranbury: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1990. 229 pp. $27.50.
Tusquets, Esther. The Same Sea as Every Summer. Trans. Margaret E. W. Jones. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1990. 195 pp. $22.95 cloth; pb. $9.95.
Walker, David H. André Gide. Modern Novelists Series. New York: St. Martin's, 1990. 214 pp. $29.95.
Williams, C. K. The Bacchae of Euripides. Intro. Martha Nussbaum. New York: Farrar, 1990. 87 pp. $20.00 cloth; pb. $8.95. [End Page 649]


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