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  • Other Books Received
Bagnold, Enid. The Loved and Envied. 1951. New York: Penguin, 1990. 280 pp. pb. $7.95.
Barecca, Regina, ed. Sex and Death in Victorian Literature. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1990. 304 pp. $37.50.
Battestin, Martin C. with Ruthe R. Battestin. Henry Fielding: A Life. New York: Routledge, 1990. 738 pp. $45.00.
Birtles, Dora. The Overlanders. 1947. New York: Penguin, 1990. 224 pp. pb. $7.95.
Bournclha, Penny. Charlotte Brontë. Key Women Writers Series. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1990. 152 pp. $29.50 cloth; pb. $12.50.
Cooley, Mason. The Comic Art of Barbara Pym. New York: AMS, 1990. 292 pp. $42.50.
Craig, Patricia, ed. The Oxford Book of English Detective Stories. New York: Oxford UP. 1990. 554 pp. $19.95.
Dalsimer, Adele M. Kate O'Brien. Twayne's English Authors Series. Boston: Hall, 1990. 139 pp. $24.95.
Dunn, Nell. Poor Cow. 1967. New York: Penguin, 1990. 141 pp. pb. $7.95.
———. Up the Junction. 1963. New York: Penguin, 1990. 110. pb. $7.95.
Eggert, Paul. The Boy in the Bush: D. H. Lawrence and M. L. Skinner. New York: Cambridge UP, 1990. 498 pp. $65.00.
Fletcher, Ian. Rediscovering Herbert Home: Poet, Architect, Typographer, Art Historian. Greensboro: U of North Carolina P, 1990. 188 pp. $25.00.
Frazier, Adrian. Behind the Scenes: Yeats, Horniman, and the Abbey Theatre. Berkeley: U of California P, 1990. 284 pp. $25.00.
Gordon, Giles, and David Hughes, eds. Best English Short Stories, II. New York: Norton, 1990. 341 pp. $21.95.
Harkness, Bruce and Reid, S. W. "The Secret Agent:"Joseph Conrad. New York: Cambridge UP, 1990. 427 pp. $49.50.
Hodgman, Helen. Blue Skies and Jack and Jill. 1976. New York: Penguin, 1990. 213 pp. pb. $7.95.
Hunter, J. Paul. Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction. New York: Norton, 1990. 421 pp. $25.00.
Hyde, G. M. D. H Lawrence. New York: St. Martin's, 1990. 137 pp. $24.95.
Joyce, Joe. Off the Record. New York: Norton, 1990. 343 pp. $19.95.
King, Roma A., Jr. The Pattern in the Web: The Mythical Poetry of Charles Williams. Kent: Kent State UP, 1990. 189 pp. $28.00.
Land, Stephen K. Challenge and Conventionality in the Fiction of E. M. Forster. New York: AMS, 1990. 253 pp. $34.50.
Lawrence, D.H. England, My England and Other Stories. Ed. Bruce Steele. New York: Cambridge UP, 1990. 285 pp. $59.50 cloth; pb. $19.95. [End Page 632]
Litvinov, Ivy. She Knew She Was Right. 1971. New York: Viking, 1990. 272 pp. pb. $8.95.
Markert, Lawrence W. The Bloomsbury Group: A Reference Guide. Boston: Hall, 1990. 325 pp. $45.00.
Martin, Christopher. H. G. Wells. Vero Beach: Rourke, 1989. 112 pp. No price given.
Miller, R. H. Understanding Graham Greene. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 1990. 195 pp. No price given.
Millgate, Michael. Thomas Hardy: Selected Letters. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1990. 433 pp. $49.95.
Myer, Valerie Grosvenor. Ten Great English Novelists. New York: St. Martin's, 1990. 157 pp. $35.00.
Nichols, Aidan. Chesterton and the Modernist Crisis. Saskatchewan: Chesterton Review, 1990. 222 pp. $34.50 cloth; pb. $24.50.
Page, Norman. Muriel Spark. New York: St. Martin's, 1990. 130 pp. $24.95.
Robertson, E. Arnot. Cullum. 1928. New York: Viking, 1990. 288 pp. pb. $8.95.
Simms•, Jacqueline. Life By Other Means: Essays on D. J. Enright. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1990. 190 pp. $29.95.
Strachey, Dorothy. Olivia, 1949. New York: Penguin, 1990. 114 pp. pb. $7.95.
Thacker, John. Edwin Drood: Antichrist in the Cathedral. New York: St. Martin's, 1990. 159 pp. $39.95.
Webb, Mary. Armour Wherein He Trusted. 1929. New York: Penguin, 1988. 253 pp. pb. $8.95.


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