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This issue was previously announced and, indeed, scheduled to be a special MFS issue devoted exclusively to the fiction of Peter Handke. For the first time in our history, however, we did not receive enough good articles on that subject to make up an entire issue, although we are pleased with the quality of the four articles on Handke we are publishing herein. The three articles on, respectively, John Barth, Doris Lessing, and Evelyn Scott speak for themselves. The same is true, I suppose, for the lead essay, my account of the history of the journal from its beginnings in 1954 to the present, a history with which I have been intimately involved throughout. Poor health has finally dictated that I should retire, which I am doing with this issue, thus marking it also as an issue without precedent. I wish my successors all the fun, excitement, and gratifications I have had during my thirty-seven years with the journal. [End Page 323]

William T. Stafford

William T. Stafford, a founder and an editor of MFS throughout its history, is author of Books Speaking to Books: A Contextual Approach to American Fiction (1981) and of numerous articles on James, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Hemingway, Updike, and others in at least a score of journals. He is also an editor of several books on modern American writers and has written three short stories about the Chicago Cubs.



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