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  • Other Books Received
Austin, Allan E. Elizabeth Bowen. Twayne's English Authors Series. Boston: Twayne, 1989. 100 pp. $19.95.
Bayliss, Sarah. Utrillo's Mother. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1989. 246 pp. $19.95.
Beerbohm, Max. Letters of Max Beerbohm: 1892-1956. Ed. Rupert Hart-Davis. New York: Norton, 1988. 244 pp. $22.50.
Brown, Richard. James Joyce and Sexuality. 1985. New York: Cambridge, 1988. 216 pp. pb. $15.95.
Crace, Jim. The Gift of Stones. New York: Scribner's, 1989. 170 pp. $16.95.
Draper, Ronald P., and Martin Ray. An Annotated Critical Bibliography of Thomas Hardy. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 1989. 227 pp. No price given.
Duytschaever, Joris, and Geert Lernout, eds. History and Violence in Anglo-Irish Literature. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1988. 138 pp. No price given.
Gates, Barbara T. Victorian Suicide: Mad Crimes and Sane Histories. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1988. 190 pp. $19.95. [End Page 349]
Gibson, Colin, ed. Art and Society in the Victorian Novel. New York: St. Martin's, 1989. 210 pp. $35.00.
Gilliatt, Penelope. A Woman of Singular Occupation. New York: Scribner's, 1989. 180 pp. $17.95.
Gorsky, Susan Rubinow. Virginia Woolf. Twayne's English Author Series. 2nd ed. Boston: Twayne, 1989. 150 pp. No price given.
Gunn, Ian, and Alistair McCleery, eds. The "Ulysses" Pagefinder. Edinburgh: Split Pea, 1988. 256 pp. pound;20.00 cloth; pb. pound;7.00.
Hachey, Thomas E., and Lawrence J. McCaffrey, eds. Perspectives on I.R.I.S.H. Nationalism. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 1989. 160 pp. No price given.
Hewitt, Douglas. English Fiction of The Early Modern Period: 1890-1940. Longman Literature in English Series. London: Longman, 1988. 275 pp. No price given.
Hoff, Linda Kay. Hamlet's Choice. New York: Edwin Meilen, 1988. 381 pp. $59.95.
McEwan, Ian. First Love, Last Rites. New York: Penguin, 1989. 125 pp. pb. $6.95.
Osborne, Lawrence. Ania Malina. New York: Penguin, 1989. 201 pp. pb. $7.95.
Parks, Tim. Loving Roger. New York: Penguin, 1989. 151 pp. pb. $6.95.
Pountney, Rosemary. Theatre of Shadows: Samuel Beckett's Drama, 1956-1976. Totowa: Barnes, 1988. 309 pp. $36.50.
Schlicke, Paul. Dickens and Popular Entertainment. 1985. London: Unwin Hyman, 1988. 287 pp. $15.95.
Shattock, Joanne, ed. Dickens and Other Victorians. New York: St. Martin's, 1988. 246 pp. $35.00.
Sheed, Wilfrid. Office Politics. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1989. 339 pp. pb. $9.95.
Smith, Helen Zenna. Not So Quiet. 1930. New York: Feminist, 1989. 300 pp. pb. $9.95.
Spector, Robert D., ed. Backgrounds to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Literature. New York: Greenwood, 1989. 553 pp. No price given.
Staley, Thomas F. An Annotated Critical Bibliography of James Joyce. New York: St. Martin's, 1989. 182 pp. $35.00.
Tinkler-Villani, V. Visions of Dante in English Poetry. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1989. 358 pp. No price given.
Weinbrot, Howard D. Eighteenth Century Satire. New York: Cambridge UP, 1988. 260 pp. $39.50.
Wilson, A. N. Penfriends from Porlock: Essays and Reviews, 1977-1986. New York: Norton, 1988. 278 pp. $19.95.
Womersley, David. The Transformation of "The Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire." New York: Cambridge UP, 1988. 318 pp. $49.50. [End Page 350]


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