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To be included in this bibliography a citation had to 1) reflect or discuss a feminist approach; 2) pertain to literary criticism; and 3) relate to theory. Subdivisions include "Bibliographies," "Introductory Sources," "General," "Black Critical Theory," "Écriture Féminine," "Lesbian Theory," "Marxist Theory," "Mythic Theory," "Other Poststructural Theories," and "Psychoanalytic or Linguistic Theory." Classifying the citations was difficult because of overlapping concepts, and the subject headings are not rigid divisions but an attempt to impose a degree of order on the 247 books and articles (no dissertations are included). For example, discussions of écriture féminine and lesbian theory relate to psychoanalytic theory, and most feminist theory as a whole can be described as poststructural, but each of these is a separate category in the bibliography.

The citations relating to linguistics pertain specifically to literary theory and reflect a small part of the literature on linguistics and gender differences in general. Coverage in years ranges from 1973 to 1987 with the two exceptions of Woolf and Beauvoir. The bibliography is extensive but not exhaustive. [End Page 501]

Laura Sue Fuderer

Laura Sue Fuderer is Rare Books Librarian at the Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame.


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