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  • Criticism of John Fowles:A Selected Checklist
  • Ronald C. Dixon (bio)

Note: This checklist follows the usual MFS plan. Part I consists of general studies of Fowles's life and work. Part II is a section of interviews with him. Part III lists discussions of his individual works of fiction in chronological order (the exception is Mantissa [Boston: Little, 1982]: no scholarly article concerning only this novel was found at the time of the checklist's completion). Foreign criticism, unpublished dissertations, short book reviews, and routine discussions in encyclopedias, handbooks, and histories of literature have been omitted. For a comprehensive bibliography of works by and about John Fowles, see Barry N. and Toni A. Olshen, John Fowles: A Reference Guide (Boston: Hall, 1980). See also Prescott Evarts, Jr., "John Fowles: A Checklist," Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction 13.3 (1972): 105-107; Karen Myers, "John Fowles: An Annotated Bibliography," Bulletin of Bibliography 33 (1976): 162-169; and Ray A. Roberts, "John Fowles: A Bibliographical Checklist," American Book Collector 1.5 (1980): 26-37.

Ronald C. Dixon

Ronald C. Dixon, Chairman of the English Department of The Westlake School in Los Angeles, has also published on Fowles in Postmodern Fiction: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide, ed. Larry McCaffery (1985).

I. General

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