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They Can’t Put it Back

Down in the valley 'bout a mile from me Where the crows no longer cry There's a great big earth-moving monster machine Stands ten stories high The ground he can eat is a sight Takes a hundred tons at a bite He can dig up the grass It's a fact But he can't put it back

They come and tell me I got to move Make way for that big machine But I ain't movin' unless they kill me Like they killed the fish in my stream But look at that big machine go Took that shady grove a long time to grow He can rip it out with One whack But he can't put it back

I never was one to carry signs Picket with placards Walk in lines Maybe I'm behind the times! [End Page 34] You can bet your sweet life they're gonna hear from me I ain't gonna take it layin' down Cause I'm gettin' tired seein' rocks that bleed On the bare guts of the ground I ain't gonna sell my soul So they can strip out another little tiny vein of coal I ain't a-movin' out of my tracks Cause they can't put it back THEY CAN'T PUT IT BACK!