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Articles in Journals

Ariki, Kyoko. "From 'Flight' to The Pearl: A Thematic Study." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 85-95.
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Nakada, Masako. "John Steinbeck's Love for Sinful Women and Mary Magdalene under His Love for Weak Human Beings." Notoru Damu Seishin Joshi Daigaku Daigakuin Kaisetsu Jusshunen Kinen Rombunshu [The Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Notre Dame Seishin University Graduate School] (Nov. 2005): 71-93.
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Pugh, Scott. "Horrifying Conclusions: Making Sense of Endings in Steinbeck's Fiction." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 69-83.
Sugiyama, Takahiko. "Ikari-no Budo to Sobo...


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