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Announcements Callfor Manuscripts. The Journal of the History of PhilosophyMonograph Series accommodates serious studies in the history of philosophy that are between article length and standard book size (35,ooo to 55,ooo words). Ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to the twentieth century, the series includes extended studies on individual philosophers, ideas, analyses of texts and controversies , new translations and commentaries on them, and documentary findings about various thinkers and events in the history of philosophy. Ancient and Medieval manuscripts should be sent to: Charles M. Young, Department of Philosophy, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA 91711. Modern and Recent manuscripts should be sent to: Richard A. Watson, Department of Philosophy, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 6313o.' Foundationfor the Study of Intellectual History. Established last year, this new foundation will support international seminars dealing with research projects in intellectual history, conferences, and sponsor selected research projects. The first International Seminar will be held in Leiden, July 1to July 31 , on the background and composition of"Les Trois Imposteurs." The seminar will be conducted by three scholars of the subject plus visiting guest speakers. There are places for twelve research fellows from Europe and the Americas. Advanced doctoral and post-doctoral scholars are invited to apply. Each researcher will be expected to do an original publishable research project on archival sources available at the University of Leiden and other libraries in the Netherlands and to present a seminar paper on their own work in progress. Stipends will be available for travel and $15oo will be ayailable for living expenses for the month. Seminars are being planned on Robert Boyle and Renaissance Aristotelianism as well as other topics at such research centers as Oxford, Cambridge, and Wolfenbtittel. Director of the first seminar will be Professor Richard Popkin, U.C.L.A. Applications must be in by February 2o, 199o. Please write Professor Richard Popkin, 1534o Albright St., #2o 4, Pacific Palisades, CA 9o272 . Conferenceon Causation. A conference on "Causation in Early Modern Philosophy " will be held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI on April 2o-22, 199o. The conference will address issues relating to Cartesian and postCartesian theories of causation, and in particular seventeenth- and eighteenthcentury discussions of occasionalism and preestablished harmony. Papers will [161] 162 JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 28" 1 JANUARY 109o be given by Gregory Brown (Houston), Lois Frankel (Colorado), Daniel Garber (Chicago), Mark Kulstad (Rice), Thomas Lennon (Western Ontario), Eileen O'Neill (Queens, CUNY), Daisie Radner (SUNY, Buffalo), Donald Rutherford (Emory), Robert Sleigh (Massachusetts), Richard Watson (Washington U.), Catherine Wilson (Oregon), and Margaret Wilson (Princeton). Further information can be obtained from Steven Nadler, Department of Philosophy, Universityof Wisconsin, 5185 Helen C. White Hall, 600 North Part Street, Madison WI 53706. ...


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