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John Goheen, a907 - 1994 Professor John Goheen, a former member of our Board of Directors, and a very diligent promoter of our journal, died at the age of 87 at Stanford Hospital on March 23, 1994. Professor Goheen was educated abroad and at Harvard, and taught philosophy at Stanford from x95o until his retirement. He was a fine historian of philosophy, specializing in Greek philosophy. He was also an outstanding teacher who started Stanford's "great books program ," called Structured Liberal Education. In 1957-58 he was the president of the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association. He published works on Thomas Aquinas and Whitehead in addition to his work on the Greeks, and was co-editor of the The CollectedPapersofC. I. Lewis. Along with Herbert W. Schneider and Edward W. Strong, he served on a committee established by the American Philosophical Association to look into founding a journal devoted to the history of philosophy. In 1963 this committee , with help from Oskar Piest, the Claremont Colleges and Richard Popkin, launched the Journal of the Historyof Philosophy.John obtained much-needed financial assistance from Stanford in the early years of theJHP's operations. He was of vital importance in the deliberations that guided theJHP from its beginnings onward. We are very grateful for his assistance and his good wishes in this venture, and we hope theJHP continues to live up to his high hopes for it. The Journal mourns the loss of a fine historian, philosopher, and ardent supporter of our publication. JULIUS MORAVCSIKAND RICHARD POPKIN [539] ...


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