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Latin American Politics & Society 49.4 (2007) 209-211

Index to Volume 49
Ahnen, Ronald E., The Politics of Police Violence in Democratic Brazil, 1: 141–64
Alvarez, Angel, book review, 2: 213–16
Arce, Moisés, Market Reform in Society: Post-Crisis Politics and Economic Change in Authoritarian Peru, reviewed, 1: 201–4
Arceneaux, Craig, and David Pion-Berlin, Issues, Threats, and Institutions: Explaining OAS Responses to Democratic Dilemmas in Latin America, 2: 1–32
Baldez, Lisa, Primaries vs. Quotas: Gender and Candidate Nominations in Mexico, 2003, 3: 69–96
Bejarano, Ana María, book review, 4: 190–94
Blue, Sarah A., The Erosion of Racial Equality in the Context of Cuba's Dual Economy, 3: 35–68
Bonvecchi, Alejandro, book review, 4: 198–202
Bräutigam, Deborah, and Monique Segarra, Difficult Partnerships: The World Bank, States, and NGOs, 4: 149–81
Brooks, Sarah M., Globalization and Pension Reform in Latin America, 4: 31–62
Burt, Jo-Marie, and Philip Mauceri, eds., Politics in the Andes: Identity, Conflict, Reform, reviewed, 3: 212–16
Bushnell, David, book review, 1: 194–97
Cameron, John D., book review, 4: 183–86
Chávez, Rebecca Bill, The Appointment and Removal Process for Judges in Argentina: The Role of Judicial Councils and Impeachment Juries in Promoting Judicial Independence, 2: 33–58
Cleary, Edward L., and Timothy J. Steigenga, eds., Resurgent Voices in Latin America: Indigenous Peoples, Political Mobilization, and Religious Change, reviewed, 1: 177–80
Conaghan, Catherine M., Fujimori's Peru: Deception in the Public Sphere, reviewed, 1: 201–4
Davis, Charles L., and Horace A. Bartilow, Cognitive Images and Support for International Economic Agreements with the United States Among Mexican Citizens, 2: 123–48
Dietz, Henry A., and David J. Myers, From Thaw to Deluge: Party System Collapse in Venezuela and Peru, 2: 59–86
Drake, Paul W., and Eric Hershberg, eds., State and Society in Conflict: Comparative Perspectives on Andean Crises, reviewed, 4: 190–94
Echegaray, Fabián, Economic Crises and Electoral Responses in Latin America, reviewed, 1: 181–84 [End Page 209]
Epstein, Edward, and David Pion-Berlin, eds., Broken Promises? The Argentine Crisis and Argentine Democracy, reviewed, 4: 198–202
Fawcett, Louise, and Mónica Serrano, eds., Regionalism and Governance in the Americas: Continental Drift, reviewed, 4: 183–86
Fernandes, Sujatha, Barrio Women and Popular Politics in Chávez's Venezuela, 3: 97–127
Fisher, Andrew B., book review, 1: 184–89
Gómez Mera, Laura, Macroeconomic Concerns and Intrastate Bargains: Explaining Illiberal Policies in the Brazilian Automobile Sector, 1: 113–40
Gray, Vanessa Joan, book review, 3: 212–16
Greenberg, Amy S., Manifest Manhood and the Antebellum American Empire, reviewed, 1: 184–89
Heiss, Claudia, and Patricio Navia, You Win Some, You Lose Some: Constitutional Reforms in Chile's Transition to Democracy, 3: 163–90
Helmke, Gretchen, Courts Under Constraints: Judges, Generals and Presidents in Argentina, reviewed, 4: 202–5
Holzner, Claudio A., The Poverty of Democracy: Neoliberal Reforms and Political Participation of the Poor in Mexico, 2: 87–122
Horton, Lynn R., After Democracy: Advances and Challenges for Women's Movements in Latin America, 1: 165–76
Hunefeldt, Christine, book review, 4: 194–98
Hunter, Wendy, and Timothy J. Power, Rewarding Lula: Executive Power, Social Policy, and the Brazilian Elections of 2006, 1: 1–30
Jepsen, Eric M., book review, 1: 181–84
Kacowicz, Arie M., The Impact of Norms in International Society: The Latin American Experience, 1881–2001, reviewed, 1: 189–93
Kapiszewski, Diana, book review, 3: 207–11
Levitsky, Steven, and Maria Victoria Murillo, eds., The Politics of Institutional Weakness: Argentine Democracy, reviewed, 2: 209–12
Luna, Juan Pablo, Frente Amplio and the Crafting of a Social Democratic Alternative in Uruguay, 4: 1–30
Mainwaring, Scott, Ana María Bejarano, and Eduardo Pizarro Leon-gómez, eds., The Crisis of Democratic Representation in the Andes, reviewed, 4: 194–98
Malamud, Andrés, book review, 4: 186–90
Melo, Marcus André, Institutional Weakness and the Puzzle of Argentina's Low Taxation, 4: 115–48
Meyers, Rebecca, book review, 2: 205–9
Negretto, Gabriel L., book review, 2...