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  • Farewell and Thanks
  • Derek H. Alderman and Scott A. Lecce

The publication of the November 2007 issue of the Southeastern Geographer marks the end of our tenure as editors. Editing the journal has been a rewarding experience made possible through the assistance of SEDAAG, UNC Press (particularly Suzi Waters, Kim Bryant, and Robbie Dircks), the Department of Geography and the Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences at East Carolina University. Special thanks are extended to our families for supporting us through this effort and our great editorial team, which includes members of the editorial board/committee, Book Review Editor Chris Meindl, Cartographic Editor Max Baber, Editorial Assistant Jolene Risley, and Graduate Student Assistants Anna Eskridge, Ben Deck, Laura Heavner, and Caleb Parker. We also wish to thank the following people who have contributed to the quality of the journal by refereeing manuscripts during the period May 2003 to May 2007:

Charles Aiken, Don Albert, Katie Algeo, Tom Allen, Timothy Anderson, Helen Aspaas, John Bale, David Barker, Joby Bass, Tom Bassett, Tom Bell, Mike Benedetti, Patricia Beyer, Stephen Birdsall, Kevin Blake, Nick Blomley, Thomas Boswell, Dawn Bowen, Christian Brannstrom, Anthony Brazel, Robert Brown, Stan Brunn, Geoffrey Buckley, Charles Bullock, Rick Bunch, Faisal Butt, Greg Carbone, Edward Carr, Deborah Che, S. mara Chen, Phil Cheney, Ken Chilton, James Cobb, Sharon Cobb, Jason Combs, Jason Comer, Dennis Conway, Altha Cravey, Tom Crawford, Michael Crutcher, Andrew Curtis, Scott Curtis, Edward Davis, J. Michael Daniels, Keith Debbage, Lisa DeChano, Vincent Del Casino, Jr., Dydia DeLyser, Can Denizman, Jason Dittmer, Michael Dorn, Kirstin Dow, David Duval, Owen Dwyer, James Engstrom, Jamey Essex, Doug Faulkner, Michael Ferber, Anthony Filippi, James Fisher, Colin Flint, William Found, James Fraser, Owen Furuseth, Chris Gaffney, Doug Gamble, Paul Gares, Dennis Gayle, Wil Gesler, G. Karl Gilbert, Stephen Grabo, William Graves, Raymond Greene, Jerry Griffith, Lawrence Grossman, Joshua Hagen, Euan Hague, Carol Hanchette, Lawrence Handley, Dean Hanink, Stephen Hanna, Katherine Hankins, Mike Harrison, Evan Hart, John Fraser Hart, Truman Hartshorn, Charles Heatwole, Douglas Heffington, Jason Henderson, Keith Henderson, John Heppen, Arleen Hill, Michael Hodgson, Sally Horn, Chris Houser, Thomas Howard, Tom Huber, Paul Hudson, Drew Hyatt, Gerald Ingalls, Josh Inwood, Andrew Ivester, Russell Ivy, Nancy Jackson, Peter Jacobs, John Jakubs, Allan James, Robert Janiskee, Ryan Jensen, Barbara John, Merrill Johnson, Karen Johnson-Webb, Ronald Kalafsky, William Keegan, Barry Keim, Thomas Klak, Paul Knapp, Larry Knopp, Zenia Kotval, Charles Kovacik, Robert Kruse, II, John Kupfer, Craig Laing, Ary Lamme, III, Jonathan Leib, David Leigh, James Leonard, Elizabeth Leppman, Chor-Pang Lo, Amy Lobber, Dennis Lord, Frank Magilligan, Denise Mainville, Edward Malecki, Galen Martin, Sara [End Page 381] McLafferty, Melinda Meade, Theodore Mealor, Christopher Meindl, Kimberly Meitzen, Klaus Meyer-Arendt, Mark Miller, Jerry Mitchell, Ron Mitchelson, Tyrel Moore, Joann Mossa, James Murphy, Sarah Nicholls, Jan Nijman, Catherine Nolin, William O’Brien, Kathleen O’Reilly, Raymond Oldakowski, Ken Orvis, Kavita Pandit, Kathy Parker, Al Parker, Bob Pavlowsky, Patrick Pease, Mark Pelling, Robert Pfister, Richard Pillsbury, Cynthia Pope, Jeff Popke, Rob Potter, Elvis Aaron Presley, Lydia Pulsipher, Darren Purcell, Gerald Pyle, John Rehder, Lynn Resler, Bonham Richardson, Jeffrey Richetto, Peter Robinson, John Rodgers, III, Dan Royall, Erin Saffell, Fausto Sarmiento, Beth Schlemper, David Shankman, Richard Schein, Shih-Lung Shaw, Wendy Shaw, Fred Shelley, Barbara Shortridge, James Shortridge, Vanessa Slinger, Christa Smith, Heather Smith, Janet Smith, Pete Soulé, Tony Stallings, Roy Stine, John Strait, Jamie Strickland, Phil Suckling, Daniel Sui, Selima Sultana, Emily Talen, Zaria Tatalovich, David Telfer, Rebecca Theobold, Grant Thrall, Ann Tihansky, Dallen Timothy, Jean-Claude Thill, Graham Tobin, Rebecca Torres, Carolyn Trist, Michael Urban, Robert Voeks, Susan Walcott, Qingfang Wang, Yong Wang, Barney Warf, Gerald Webster, James Webster, Song Wei, Dan Weiner, Mark Welford, James Wheeler, Bobby Wilson, James Wilson, Jamie Winders, Chris Woltemade, David Wong, William Wyckoff, Robert Yarbrough, Peter Yawkey, Matthew Zook. [End Page 382]



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