restricted access Belaynesh
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A man who worked in the same household as Belaynesh drives the car. He wears a dark cotton shirt and a jacket. It is midday. We are the twins on our way to the hospital where we were born.       It is the same Volkswagen       she traveled in to give us birth. Twenty eight years earlier. He says it's the same route. It is also the same month as we first left. May. 1976. In the middle of the revolution. In between Selassie and Mengistu.       We hold on to each other's hands so hard. Water gush up through the throat       from the stomach       out into the car       over the seats       and onto the floor. We swallow and swallow. There is something about the air, something about the car, something about how you sat here with us that is making me drown.

Lena Bezawork Grönlund

Lena Bezawork Grönlund is a writer, translator, and teacher. She lives in Sweden.