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The Return
Translated by Isis McElroy (bio)

racial prejudice lives   opens up its eyes hibernates in an intermediary zone mid history conventions like a divine text standard millenarian con job and the kingdom of stupidity congenital at birth emotional intellectual of the soul   breath of the bared skinned monkey

but the audacity   the panache   the afro affront of the black man   he who talks back retorts in legitimate attack stylishly blunt not beating around the bush and no longer swallowing the given-notion that racism has been ushered into a limbo

walled up with limbo so that the squally dregs of the niggers wouldn't crush it into a white powder immemorial   marmoreal a limbo which provided   providing shelter to racism which in time returns halt about- face   returns in public visitation getting wind of the air invigorated by young leaves and eager not to see the infinite black spaces where puny stars coruscate

Ronald Augusto

Ronald Augusto is author of Disco and Puya, volumes of poems. He lives in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Isis McElroy

Isis McElroy is an assistant professor of Afro-Brazilian literature and culture at Arizona State University.