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James Joyce Quarterly 44.2 (2007) 325-343

Current JJ Checklist (99)
William S. Brockman
Pennsylvania State University

Special thanks to Kazuhiro Doki for the issues of Joycean Japan, and thanks also to K. P. S. Jochum, Bob Spoo, and Wolfgang Wicht. Please send contributions to your bibliographer at W329 Pattee, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, or via e-mail to

The following abbreviations apply throughout:

D 2: Deming's Bibliography of James Joyce Studies, 2d ed.

S-C: Slocum and Cahoon's Bibliography of James Joyce, 1882-1941.

CC: Current JJ Checklist.

JJ Works

"After the Hell-Fire Sermon at Belvedere College"; "Stephen Dedalus Calls on the Dean of Studies at the Jesuit University College"; "Gogarty at the Martello Tower"; "James Joyce Leaves the Martello Tower." A Traveller's Companion to Dublin. Ed. Thomas Pakenham and Valerie Pakenham. New York and Northampton: Interlink Books, 2003. 116-17; 169-70; 234-38; 238-39. ISBN 1-56656-491-3. [Originally published as Dublin: A Traveller's Companion (London: Constable, 1988). Excerpts from P, U, and text of JJ's let. to Starkey, 15 September 1904.]
Araby. Trans. Amalia Popper. Empoli: Ibiskos, 2002. 119 pp. ISBN 88-86851-58-8. [Preface, John McCourt.]
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Portret artysty w wieku młodzieńczym. Trans. Jerzy Jarniewicz. Kraków: Znak, 2005. 361 pp. ISBN 83-2400-620-6. [Polish trans. P.]
"Ulysses: Episode 13: Nausícaa = Fragmento do 13°. episódio: Nausícaa." Irish Studies in Brazil. Ed. Munira H. Mutran and Laura P. Z. Izarra. Pesquisa e Crítica, 1. São Paulo: Associação Editorial Humanitas, 2005. 243-46. ISBN 85-98292-86-9. [Portuguese trans.] [End Page 325]

Secondary Sources

"Beckett on the Joyces." Beckett Remembering, Remembering Beckett: A Centenary Celebration. Ed. James Knowlson and Elizabeth Knowlson. New York: Arcade Pub., 2006. 44-51. ISBN 1-55970-772-0. [Excerpts from previously published interviews with Beckett.]
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Boland, John M. Joyce's Dubliners as a Model of Defamiliarization. M.A. thesis California State Univ., Long...


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