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Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 25.4 (2007) vii-viii

Contributors to This Issue

Samantha Baskind, Associate Professor of Art History at Cleveland State University, is the author of Raphael Soyer and the Search for Modern Jewish Art (2004) and Encyclopedia of Jewish American Artists (2007). Her current book project, Reimaging the Book: Jewish Artists and the Bible in Twentieth-Century America, considers the scope of biblical themes by Jewish American artists across a variety of media.

Michele Byers is Associate Professor at Saint Mary's University in Halifax and Rosalin Krieger is completing her doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto. This is the third article on Jewish identity and television they have published together. Their work has also appeared in Culture, Theory and Critique (2005) and the anthology You Should See Yourself: Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Culture (2006).

Mikel J. Koven is Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He has published extensively in the area of folklore & film in such journals as Ethnologies, Culture & Tradition, Contemporary Legend, Journal of American Folklore, Literature/Film Quarterly, and Scope. He is co-editor of a special issue of Western Folklore on Folklore & Film, and co-editor of Filmic Folklore (Utah State University Press, forthcoming). Koven is also a contributor in Steffan Hanke's collection Caligari's Grandchildren (Scarecrow Press, forthcoming). His book, La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema and the Italian Giallo Film (Scarecrow Press, 2006) is due out by the end of the year.

David J. Leonard is Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies at Washington State University. He has written on sports, video games, film, and social movements, appearing in both popular and academic mediums. He recently published, with C. Richard King, Visual Economies of/in Motion: Sport and Film (Peter Lang Publishing Group: 2006), an edited volume on sports films, and a monograph, Screens Fade to Black: Contemporary African American Cinema, with Praeger Publishers. He is currently working on a monograph looking at race and the NBA (SUNY Press, expected 2008), and another (with C. Richard King) analyzing the production and consumption [End Page vii] of media culture within white nationalist communities (University of Mississippi Press, expected 2008).

Ranen Omer-Sherman is Associate Professor of English at the University of Miami where he teaches courses in Jewish literature. His essays on literature have appeared in journals such as Middle Eastern Literatures, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Journal of Modern Literature, MELUS, Religion & Literature, and Modernism/Modernity. His books include Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature: Lazarus, Syrkin, Reznikoff, Roth (Brandeis University Press, 2002) and, most recently, Jewish Writing and the Desert: Israel in Exile (University of Illinois Press, 2006). He was recently guest editor of Shofar's special issue on "Jewish Orientalism" (Winter 2006) and is currently researching a book about Levantine identities in fiction and memoir.

Matthew Pateman is Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Hull. He has published on a range of subjects including contemporary fiction, post-structuralism, pornography, popular music, and ethics. His two most recent books are Julian Barnes and The Aesthetics of Culture in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is currently working on a book on Joss Whedon which should be published in 2008.

Laurence Roth is Associate Professor of English and Jewish Studies and Coordinator of the Jewish Studies Program at Susquehanna University. He is the author of Inspecting Jews: American Jewish Detective Stories (Rutgers University Press) and editor of Modern Language Studies, the scholarly journal of the Northeast Modern Language Association. He is currently co-editing, with Nadia Valman, The Routledge Companion to Modern Jewish Cultures.

Bernice Schrank is Professor of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has published extensively on modern Irish and American literatures.

Jon Stratton is Professor of Cultural Studies at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.  He is the author of a number of books and articles in the area of cultural studies and, more specifically, on Jewish cultural matters. Jon's most...


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