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Current JJ Checklist (98)
William S. Brockman
Pennsylvania State University

Thanks for the contributions to this checklist from K. P. S. Jochum, Jim LeBlanc, Friedhelm Rathjen, Bob Spoo, Andreas Weigel, Christopher White, and especially Sarah Ross for the Sudanese translation. Please send contributions to your bibliographer at W329 Pattee, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, or via e-mail to uxb5@psu.edu.

The following abbreviations apply throughout:

D 2: Deming's Bibliography of James Joyce Studies, 2d ed.

S-C: Slocum and Cahoon's Bibliography of James Joyce, 1882-1941.

CC: Current JJ Checklist.

JJ Works

"De la un scriitor alungat la un cântăreţ alungat." Secolul 20, no. 373-375 (1996): 114-27. [Romanian trans. by Magda Teodorescu of "From a Banned Poet to a Banned Singer."]
Dubliners. Enriched Classics. New York: Pocket Books, 2005. xxi, 294 pp. ISBN 1-4165-0035-9. ["Supplementary materials written by Del Doughty."]
Dubliners: Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism. Ed. Margot Norris. Norton Critical Edition. New York and London: W. W. Norton, 2006. [xliv], 369 pp. ISBN 0-393-97851-6. [Text edited by Hans Walter Gabler with Walter Hettche. Intro. by Hans Walter Gabler. Includes period songs, photographs, maps, and so forth, as well as JJ's "A Curious History," an early version of "Eveline," his newspaper article, "The Motor Derby," and the following essays: David G. Wright, "Interactive Stories in Dubliners" (CC 78), 253-61; Heyward Ehrlich, "'Araby' in Context: The 'Splendid Bazaar,' Irish Orientalism, and James Clarence Mangan" (from Coping with Joyce, CC 51), 261-83; Margot Norris, "The Perils of 'Eveline,'" (from Norris's Suspicious Readings of Joyce's Dubliners, CC 91), 283-98; James Fairhall, "Big-Power Politics and Colonial Economics: The Gordon Bennett Cup Race and 'After the Race'" (from JJQ 28, ii [Winter 1991]: 387-97), 299-308; Fritz Senn, "'The Boarding House' Seen as a Tale of Misdirection" (from JJQ 23, iv [Summer 1986]: 405-13), 309-17; Morris Beja, "Farrington the Scrivener: A Story of Dame Street" (from Coping with Joyce, CC 51), 317-27; Vincent J. Cheng, "Empire and Patriarchy in 'The Dead,'" (from Cheng's Joyce, Race, and Empire, CC 72), 341-64.] [End Page 111]
"Imah Nu Diindekosan." Jagat Carita: Kandaga Carpon Dunya. Trans. Hawé Setiawan. Bandung, Indonesia: Kiblat Buku Utama, 2004. 91-100. [Sudanese trans. of "The Boarding House."]
"James Joyce levelei feleségéhez, Nora Barnacle Joyce-hoz. 1909. július 29-1909. december 26." Átváltozások 10 (1997): 10-36. [Hungarian trans. of Joyce's letters to Nora, 1909.]
"Un poet irlandez; Sufletul Irlandei; Irlanda în instanţă." Secolul 20, no. 373-375 (1996): 104-11. [Romanian trans. by Magda Teodorescu of "An Irish Poet," "The Soul of Ireland," and "L'Irlanda alla sbarra."]
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Enriched Classics. New York: Pocket Books, 2005. xix, 296 pp. ISBN 1-4165-0031-6. [1964 text, with "supplementary materials written by Del Doughty."]
"Rouen Is the Rainiest Place." Secolul 20, no. 373-375 (1996): 101. [In English with Romanian trans. by tefan Doinaş.]
(Ulysses. Trans. Aubert, 2004.) [Rev.: Philippe Romanski, "Oui (une seconde fois) a Ulysse," Commentaire 29, no. 115 (Autumn 2006): 829-31.]

Secondary Sources

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