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Modern Fiction Studies 46.2 (2000) 574-584

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Modern Fiction Studies Biannual Index
Volumes 44 (1998) and 45 (1999)

Authors of Articles

Arnold, Ellen L. • "An Ear for the Story, an Eye for the Pattern: Rereading Ceremony." 45.1: 69-92.

Avelar, Idelber • "The Angel of History's Forged Signature: The Ruins of Memory and the Task of Mourning in a Brazilian Post-Dictatorial Novel." 44.1: 183-214.

Barrett, Laura • "'Here, But Also There': Subjectivity and Postmodern Space in Mao II." 45.3: 788-810.

Burns, Christy L. • "Powerful Differences: Critique and Eros in Jeanette Winterson and Virginia Woolf." 44.2: 364-92.

Carden, Mary Paniccia • "Creative Fertility and the National Romance in Willa Cather's O Pioneers! and My Ántonia." 45.2: 275-302.

Clymer, Jeffory A. • "'This Firm of Men-Killers': Jack London and the Business of Terrorism." 45.4: 905-31.

Cole, Sarah • "Conradian Alienation and Imperial Intimacy." 44.2: 251-81.

Cowart, David • "'More Advanced the Deeper We Dig': Ratner's Star." 45.3: 600-20.

Darrohn, Christine • "'Blown to bits!': Katherine Mansfield's 'The Garden Party' and the Great War." 44.3: 513-39.

DeCoste, Damon Marcel • "'Do you remember to-morrow?': Modernism and Its Second War in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano." 44.3: 767-91.

Deeming, David • "Henry Green's War: 'The Lull' and the Postwar Demise of Henry Green's Modernist Aesthetic." 44.4: 865-87.

Delgadillo, Theresa • "Forms of Chicana Feminist Resistance: Hybrid Spirituality in Ana Castillo's So Far from God." 44.4: 888-916.

DeMeester, Karen • "Trauma and Recovery in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway." 44.3: 649-73.

Duvall, John N. • "Introduction: From Valparaiso to Jerusalem: DeLillo and the Moment of Canonization." 45.3: 559-68.

Edmunds, Susan • "Modern Taste and the Body Beautiful in Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust." 44.2: 306-30.

Elias, Amy J. • "Fragments that Rune Up the Shores: Pushing the Bear, Coyote Aesthetics, and Recovered History." 45.1: 185-211.

Emberley, Julia V. • "A Historical Transposition: Toni Morrison's Tar Baby and Fanon's Post-Enlightenment Phantasms." 45.2: 403-31.

Engles, Tim • "'Who Are You, Literally?': Fantasies of the White Self in White Noise." 45.3: 755-87.

Ford, Douglas • "Crossroads and Cross-Currents in Invisible Man." 45.4: 887-904.

Gadsby, Meredith • "'I Suck Coarse Salt': Caribbean Women Writers in Canada and the Politics of Transcendence." 44.1: 144-63.

Glancy, Diane • "Give Me Land Lots of Land." 45.1: 114-19.

Green, Jeremy • "Disaster Footage: Spectacles of Violence in Don DeLillo." 45.3: 571-99.

Helyer, Ruth • "'Refuse heaped many stories high': DeLillo, Dirt, and Disorder." 45.4: 987-1006.

Hepburn, Allan • "The Fate of the Modern Mistress: Nancy Mitford and the Comedy of Marriage." 45.2: 340-68.

Horsley, Katharine and Lee Horsley • "Mères Fatales: Maternal Guilt in the Noir Crime Novel." 45.2: 369-402.

Irish, Robert K. • "'Let me Tell You': About Desire and Narrativity in Graham Swift's Waterland." 44.4: 917-34.

Jarraway, David R. • "'Excremental Assault' in Tim O'Brien: Trauma and Recovery in Vietnam War Literature." 44.3: 695-714.

Johnson, Kerry L. • "Translations of Gender, Pain, and Space: Wilson Harris's The Carnival Trilogy." 44.1: 123-43.

Johnson-Roullier, Cyraina • "(An)Other Modernism: James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room, and the Rhetoric of Flight." 45.4: 932-56.

Kandiyoti, Dalia • "Comparative Diasporas: The Local and the Mobile in Abraham Cahan and Alberto Gerchunoff." 44.1: 77-122.

Kartiganer, Donald M. • "'So I, who had never had a war . . .': William Faulkner, War, and the Modern Imagination." 44.3: 619-48.

Kibble, Matthew • "The 'Still-Born Generation': Decadence and the Great War in H. D.'s Fiction." 44.3: 540-67.

Kingsbury, Celia M. • "'Infinities of Absolution': Reason, Rumor, and Duty in Joseph Conrad's 'The Tale'." 44.3: 715-29.

Knight, Peter • "Everything Is Connected: Underworld's Secret History of Paranoia." 45.3: 811-36.

Krupat, Arnold • "From 'Half-blood' to 'Mixedblood': Cogewea and the 'Discourse of Indian Blood.'" 45.1: 120-45.

Kuhnheim, Jill S. • "The...


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