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Christy L. Burns, Assistant Professor of English at the College of William and Mary, has published articles on postmodern sex, paranoia as a textual concept, and queer theory. Her first book, Gestural Politics: Parody and Stereotype in the Writings of James Joyce, is forthcoming from SUNY Press. This essay is part of a current project, “Sensate Meanings: Modern to Postmodern Experiences of Language, Desire, and Culture.”

Sarah Cole is an assistant professor of English at Ohio University. She has previously published on Virginia Woolf and male friendship, and her current project locates the origins of British modernism in a widespread cultural crisis in the conception of male intimacy.

Susan Edmunds teaches in the English department at Syracuse University. She has published a book on H. D. as well as essays on Djuna Barnes and Flannery O’Connor. She is currently working on a book entitled Grotesque Relations: History, Distortion, and the (Social) Body in Modern American Domestic Fiction.

Sally Robinson teaches at the University of Michigan. Her book is called Engendering the Subject: Gender and Self-Representation in Contemporary Women’s Fiction, and she has published essays in Contemporary Literature, Cultural Critique, Substance, and Genders. Her current work, Marked Men: White Masculinity in Crisis, is forthcoming from Columbia University Press.

Jon Smith is Assistant Professor of English at Mississippi State University. He has published on Eudora Welty in Contemporary Literature and on Faulkner and Galsworthy in the Faulkner Journal. His current work, The Ecology of Literature, deals with the ontology of natural objects, texts, and persons in contemporary critical theory and in naturalist and modernist texts.


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