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Shakespeare Quarterly 57.4 (2006) 499-503

Volume 57 Contents


Historica Passio: Early Modern Medicine, King Lear, and Editorial Practice      KAARA L. PETERSON      1
"'What is thy body but a swallowing grave . . . ?'":Desire Underground in Titus Andronicus      TINA MOHLER      23
"'Read it in me'": The Author's Will in Lucrece      AMY GREENSTADT      45
English Epicures and Scottish Witches      MARY FLOYD-WILSON      131
The Tragedians of the City? Q1 Hamlet and the Settlements of the 1590s      PAUL MENZER      162
Shakespeare and the Quarrel Scene in Ardenof Faversham      MACDONALD P. JACKSON      249
Editor's Note      SCOTT L. NEWSTOK      294
Why A Midsummer Night's Dream?      KENNETH BURKE      297
The Body of the Actor in Coriolanus      EVE RACHELE SANDERS      387
The Problem of the More-than-One:Friendship, Calculation, and PoliticalAssociation in The Merchant of Venice      HENRY S. TURNER      413


Two "New" Seventeenth-Century Portraits ofShakespeare      JACKSON C. BOSWELL      309
The Winchester Crux in the First Folio's1 Henry VI      KARL P. WENTERSDORF      443

Shakespeare Performed

Facing History, Facing Now: Deborah Warner's Julius Caesar at the Barbican Theatre      CAROL CHILLINGTON RUTTER      71 [End Page 499]
"Tell thy story": Mary Zimmerman's Pericles      SUZANNE GOSSETT      183
"'Who is it that can tell me who I am?' / 'Lear's shadow'": A Taiwanese Actor's Personal Response to King Lear      RURU LI      195
Shakespeare Onstage in England: March to December 2005      PATRICIA TATSPAUGH      318
Political Tyrants: The 2005 Jacobean Season at the Swan      LOIS POTTER      450

Book Reviews

Dympna Callaghan, ed. Romeo and Juliet: Texts and Contexts.      IAN FREDERICK MOULTON      86
Willy Maley and Andrew Murphy, eds. Shakespeare and Scotland.      RONALD J. BOLING      88
Ton Hoenselaars, ed. Shakespeare's History Plays: Performance, Translation and Adaptation in Britain and Abroad.      MANFRED PFISTER      91
Hugh Macrae Richmond. Shakespeare's Theatre: A Dictionary of His Stage Context.      TIFFANY STERN      94
Michele Marrapodi, ed. Shakespeare, Italy, and Intertexuality.      SONIA MASSAI      97
Ton Hoenselaars, ed. Shakespeare and the Language of Translation.      JERZY LIMON      100
Kim C. Sturgess. Shakespeare and the American Nation.      RICHARD BURT      102
Gabriel Egan. Shakespeare and Marx.      DOUGLAS BRUSTER      105
Arthur Freeman and Janet Ing Freeman. John Payne Collier: Scholarship and Forgery in the Nineteenth Century.      BERNICE W. KLIMAN      108 [End Page 500]
Yves Bonnefoy. Shakespeare & the French Poet. John Naughton, ed.      RUTH MORSE      110
Irena R. Makaryk. Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn: Les Kurbas, Ukrainian Modernism, and Early Soviet Cultural Politics.      GORAN V. STANIVUKOVIC      112
Paul Cefalu. Revisionist Shakespeare: Transitional Ideologies in Texts and Contexts.      WILLIAM N. WEST      114
Sarah Hatchuel and Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin, eds. Shakespeare on Screen: "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Michael Anderegg. Cinematic Shakespeare.      LAURIE E. OSBORNE      117
Virginia Mason Vaughan. Performing Blackness on English Stages, 1500–1800.      IAN SMITH      216
Christopher Warley. Sonnet Sequences and Social Distinction in Renaissance England.      DAVID HAWKES      218
Phyllis Rackin. Shakespeare and Women.      REBECCA LAROCHE      220
John Michael Archer. Citizen Shakespeare: Freemen and Aliens in the Language of the Plays.      ALEXANDER LEGGATT      222
Julia Reinhard Lupton. Citizen-Saints: Shakespeare and Political Theology.      KRISTEN POOLE      225
Ros King. "Cymbeline": Constructions of Britain.      DAVID J. BAKER      228
Ewan Fernie, ed. Spiritual Shakespeares.      GRAHAM HAMMILL      229
Bridget Escolme. Talking to the Audience: Shakespeare, Performance, Self.      PASCALE AEBISCHER      232
Lynette Hunter and Peter Lichtenfels, eds. Shakespeare, Language and the Stage, The Fifth Wall: Approaches to Shakespeare from Criticism, Performance and Theatre Studies.      RIC KNOWLES      235
John Pemble. Shakespeare Goes to Paris: How the Bard Conquered France.      RICHARD SCHOCH      237 [End Page 501]
Cynthia Marshall, ed. Shakespeare in Production: "As You Like It."      JULIET DUSINBERRE      344
John Wilders, ed. Shakespeare in Production: "Macbeth."      KATHERINE ROWE      346
Frances A. Shirley, ed. Shakespeare in Production: "Troilus and Cressida."      DANIEL JUAN GIL      349
Neil Rhodes. Shakespeare and the Origins of English.      RUSS MCDONALD      351
Garrett A. Sullivan Jr. Memory and Forgetting in English Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare, Marlowe, Webster.      ZACKARIAH C. LONG      353
Gail Kern Paster. Humoring the Body: Emotionsand the Shakespearean Stage.      TANYA POLLARD      356
Maurice Hunt. Shakespeare's Religious Allusiveness:Its Play and Tolerance.      ANTHONY LOW      359
Celia R. Daileader. Racism, Misogyny, and the "Othello" Myth: Inter-Racial Couples from Shakespeare to Spike...


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