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University of Toronto Quarterly 75.4 (2006) 1001-1002

University of Toronto Quarterly
Contents of Volume 75, Numbers 2–4, 2005/6

All articles and books reviewed in issues 2–4 of volume 75 are listed below. For the material in 'Letters in Canada 2004,' which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed,' 75:1 (Winter 2005/6), 627–43.


ADAMOWSKI, T.H. Demoralizing Liberalism: Lionel Trilling, Leslie Fiedler, and Norman Mailer      883
BENTLEY, D.M.R. Shadows in the Soul: Racial Haunting in the Poetry of Duncan Campbell Scott      752
BOULET, JASON "I believe in enmindment": Enlightenments, Taoism, and Language in Peter Dale Scott's Minding the Darkness      925
CARIOU, WARREN Haunted Prairie: Aboriginal 'Ghosts' and the Spectres of Settlement      727
CASTRICANO, JODEY Learning to Talk with Ghosts: Canadian Gothic and the Poetics of Haunting in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach      801
CLARK, CARYL and LINDA HUTCHEON Adapting a Canonical Canadian Novel for the Operatic Stage: A Dystopia for Our Times      815
DEFALCO, AMELIA Haunting Physicality: Corpses, Cannibalism, and Carnality in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace      771
DOMVILLE, ERIC The Handmaid's Detail: Notes on the Novel and Opera      869
ELLIOTT, ROBIN Margaret Atwood and Music      821
FINDLAY, L.M. Spectres of Canada: Image, Text, Aura, Nation      656
GOLDMAN, MARLENE and jOANNE SAUL Talking With Ghosts: Haunting in Canadian Cultural Production      645
HENDERSON, GREIG The Cost of Persuasion: Figure, Story, and Eloquence in the Rhetoric of Judicial Discourse      905
KINGSTON, PAUL The Joyless Republic of Gilead: Reflections of a Political Scientist on the Operatic Production of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale      833
MASON, JODY Searching for the Doorway: Dionne Brand's Thirsty      784
NEUMAN, SHIRLEY 'Just a Backlash': Margaret Atwood, Feminism, and The Handmaid's Tale      857
POETZSCH, MARKUS Presence, Deixis, and the Making of Meaning in Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons      946
REICHENBäCHER, HELMUT Offred Reframed: The Adaptation from Novel to Opera      835
SöDERLIND, SYLVIA Ghost-National Arguments      673
STACEY, ROBERT DAVID Ghost of a Chance: John Steffler's The Afterlife of George Cartwright and the Meaning of History     718
SUGARS, CYNTHIA The Impossible Afterlife of George Cartwright: Settler Melancholy and Postcolonial Desire      693
SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY What If? Writing The Handmaid's Tale      850
WYILE, HERB 'It Takes More Than Mortality to Make Somebody Dead': Spectres of History in Margaret Sweatman's When Alice Lay Down with Peter      735 [End Page 1001]

Review Articles

CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS The Interplay of Seventeenth-Century Texts      984
DILWORTH, THOMAS The Reviews of T.S. Eliot      989
GREENE, RICHARD Owning Graham Greene: The Norman Sherry Project      957
MORRISON, ROBERT Addicts, Edicts, and Empty Infinities: The Rhetoric of Drugs from De Quincey to Derrida      971
PARKER, BRIAN Tennessee Williams at His Peak      993
REEVES, MARGARET Reading Early Modern Women      979