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Greig Henderson Associate Professor of English, University of Toronto Kenneth Burke: Literature and Language as Symbolic Action (1988); coeditor, with David Cratis Williams, Unending Conversations: New Writings by and about Kenneth Burke (2001)

Jason Boulet PhD Candidate, Department of English, Queen’s University

Markus Poetzsch Assistant Professor of English, Department of English and Film Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University ‘Visionary Dreariness’: Readings in Romanticism’s Quotidian Sublime (2006)

Richard Greene Associate Professor of English, University of Toronto

Robert Morrison Professor of English, Queen’s University Tales of Terror from Blackwood’s Magazine (with Chris Baldick) (1995); The Vampyre, and Other Tales of the Macabre (with Chris Baldick) (1997); The Works of Thomas De Quincey, volumes 7 (2000), 8 (2001), 9 (with Grevel Lindrop and Barry Symonds) (2001), and 16 (2003); The Selected Works of Leigh Hunt, volume 3 (2003); Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’: A Literary Sourcebook (2005); Thomas De Quincey, on Murder (2006)

Margaret Reeves Sessional Assistant Professor, York University Coeditor, with Mark Crane and Richard Raiswell, Shell Games: Studies in Scams, Frauds, and Deceits (1300–1650) (2004)

Douglas Chambers Professor Emeritus of English, University of Toronto

Thomas Dilworth University Professor, University of Windsor Reading David Jones (2001); The Shape of Meaning in the Poetry of David Jones (1988); editor, Le Dit Da Vieux Marin (2006), The Ancient Mariner (2006), Wedding Poems (2002), Inner Necessities (1984)

Brian Parker Emeritus Professor of English, University of Toronto Editor, Thomas Middleton, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (1969); editor, George Ryga, The Ecstasy of Rita Joe and Other Plays (1971); editor, James Reaney, The Kildeer and Other Plays (1972); editor, Ben Jonson, Volpone (1982); editor, Twentieth Century Interpretations of ‘The Glass Menagerie’ (1983); editor, William Shakespeare, Coriolanus (1994); editor, with S.P. Zitner, Elizabethan Theatre: Essays for S. Schoenbaum (1996)



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