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The Catholic Historical Review 92.3 (2006) 366-377

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Association News

Proposals for sessions and papers for the Spring Meeting of 2007 to be held at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 29-31 should be sent to Dr. Steven Avella at

The President of the American Catholic Historical Association, James M. Powell, Professor Emeritus of Syracuse University, has appointed Thomas C. Reeves of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside to the Committee on the John Gilmary Shea Prize for a three-year term. The chairman of the committee is Augustine C. Thompson, O.P., of the University of Virginia, and the other member is Charles J. T. Talar of the University of St. Thomas School of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary, Houston. 

Professor Powell has also appointed Ann Rose of Pennsylvania State University to the Committee on the John Tracy Ellis Dissertation Award for a three-year term. 

Please send any changes in your email or postal addresses to the Association office.

Meetings, Conferences, Colloquia, and Lectures

On May 23-24, 2006 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Fondation de l'Œuvre d'Orient a conference was held in Rome at the Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France and at the Istituto Pontificio Orientale. The following papers were presented: Dominique Trimbur, "Entre religion et politique: les origines et les premières anneés de l'Œuvre d'Orient," Jean-Marc Ticchi, "Les directeurs de l'Œuvre d'Orient et leurs moyens d'action," Régis Ladous, "La Papauté et l'Œuvre d'Orient," Vincenzo Poggi, "Le déclin de l'Empire ottoman et les Églises," Daniela Fabrizio, "Le protectorat de la France et les chrétiens d'Orient," Giuseppe-Maria Croce, "Catholiques et Orthodoxes de Pie IX à Jean XXIII," Gianpaolo Rigotti, "La Congrégation pour les Églises Orientales et l'Œuvre d'Orient, 1917-1959," Christian Sorrel, "L'Œuvre d'Orient et les congrégations religieuses masculines," Paolo Pieraccini, "Le Saint-Siège et les Lieux-Saints, 1856-2000," Rita Tolomeo, "Nonces et représentants pontificaux en Orient, de 1856 à 1958," Dominique Avon, "Figures de l'orientalisme catholique," Christian Cannuyer, "Diasporas chrétiennes orientales en Occident," Michel Van Parys, "Les Églises d'Orient et les oeuvres catholiques: de l'assistance à la collaboration," [End Page 366] and François Thual, "Des empires aux nations et des nations à la mondialisation, la permanence d'un projet."

On May 29-31, 2006 the Canadian Catholic Historical Association held its Seventy-Third Annual Meeting at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Among the sessions presented on May 29 were one on "Vocation and Ministry" with a paper by Michael Power on "From Priest to Urban Pastor: Father Edmund Burke Kilroy." Another session featured papers by Glenn Wright on "James F. Kenny, Founder of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association," by Richard Lebrun on "The CCHA Journals, Seventy Years of Scholarship," and by Brian Hamilton on "Reflection on a Forty Year Bibliography of Canadian Religious History." A session entitled "Canadian Catholicism in Time of Conflict" had papers by James Trepanier on "For God and Country: Reaction to the Knights of Columbus Catholic Army Huts Campaign of 1918," by Laurence Gottlieb on "Catholic Unions and Catholic Associations in Quebec during the 1920's," and by Brian Watson on "How Silent was the Catholic Church? English-Canadian Catholicism and the Jewish Plight during the Nazi Era." On May 31 a session entitled "Perspectives on Women Religious and Education" featured three papers: by Mechtilde O'Mara on "The Role of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto in the Post-Secondary Educational Sector," by Ellen Leonard on "Theological Education at the University of St. Michael's College Through the Eyes of a Woman Religious," and by Elizabeth Smyth on "The Sisters of St. Joseph as a Learning Organization: Rethinking the Creation of St. Joseph's College, Toronto." The final session, "Religious Congregations and 20th Century Challenges," had two papers: by Debra Nash-Chambers on "The Sisters of St. Joseph and Institutional Adaptability in Guelph, Canada West, 1861-2002: Benevolence, Medical Care and the...


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