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  • Doctoral Dissertations

These dissertations were completed during 2005. Copies may be ordered through ProQuest at

The acquisition of classifiers in verbs of motion and verbs of location in Brazilian Sign Language. Bernardino, Elidea L. A. (PhD, Boston University, 2006). 208 pages. AAT 3186488
Substance abuse screening with Deaf clients: Development of a culturally sensitive scale. Alexander, Tara Lynn. (PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2005). 252 pages. AAT 3165088
An investigation of the social development of students with hearing impairment in the special schools for the deaf and public schools in Riyadh City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alzahrani, Ali Hassan. (PhD, University of Kansas, 2005). 160 pages. AAT 3190400
Tutoring deaf college students in the writing center. Babcock, Rebecca Day. (PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2005). 282 pages. AAT 3167231
Language dysfluency in the deaf inpatient population. Black, Patricia Ann. (PhD, Fielding Graduate University, 2005). 143 pages. AAT 3184795
Variantes sur la culture sourde: Quetes identitaires au coeur de la communication (Quebec, French text). Blais, Marguerite. (PhD, Universite Du Quebec a Montreal [Canada], 2005). 387 pages. AAT NR04907
The role of phonological and morphological awareness in early Chinese reading of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing in Taiwan. Chen, Yi-Hui. (PhD, Columbia University, 2005). 152 pages. AAT 3174761
A survey of audiologists preparation and clinical practice with prelingually deaf people. Craine, Michael. (EdD, New York University, 2005). 164 pages. AAT 3184025
Professional development, practice, and teacher discourse communities: How an urban high school science teacher negotiated inquiry practice. Deneroff, Victoria Matzenauer. (PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 2005). 235 pages. AAT 3175185
Deafnicity: A study of strategic and adaptive responses to audism by members of the Deaf American community of culture. Eckert, Richard Clark. (PhD, University of Michigan, 2005). 201 pages. AAT 3163790
An exploration of Deaf university students' perceptions of the dynamics of the vocational rehabilitation process to the achievement of their rehabilitation goals. Graham, Reina Lynn. (PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, 2005). 304 pages. AAT 3184286
Developmental exploration of the 'default' order of created gesture systems (Motion). Hammond, Amy Joan. (PhD, University of Chicago, 2005). 139 pages. AAT 3158707
Schizophrenia, deafness, and functional outcome: The role of neurocognition and social cognition. Horton, Heather K. (PhD, University of Chicago, 2005). 339 pages. AAT 3168354
Paradoxes and possibilities: An inquiry into the contested and the constructed in deaf bilingual, bicultural education for the deaf. McGuire, Molly Nichollette. (PhD, University of Toronto [Canada], 2005). 278 pages. AAT NR02745
Language acquisition in normal hearing preschool-age twins with deaf parents: A case study. McLain, Courtney Rhea. (MS, Texas A&M University at Kingsville, 2005). 57 pages. AAT 1427324
Deaf children's awareness of phonological structure: Syllable, rhyme and phoneme. McQuarrie, Lynn Maureen. (PhD, University of Alberta [Canada], 2005). 173 pages. AAT NR08698
Benevolent actors and charitable 'objects': Physical disability and the theatricality of charity in nineteenth and twentieth-century America. Moeschen, Sheila C. (PhD, Northwestern University, 2005). 396 pages. AAT 3177779
Seeing grace: Religious rhetoric in the deaf community. Morse, Tracy Ann. (PhD, University of Arizona, 2005). 151 pages. AAT 3174345
American Sign Language as a second language in elementary education: A critical perspective on curriculum and policy. Pelletier, Linda. (PhD, University of Connecticut, 2005). 271 pages. AAT 3167597
Subjectividad, enfermedad y escritura: El discurso de la enfermedad y la construccion de la identidad en la temprana edad moderna espanola (Spanish text). Rivera-Cordero, Victoria. (PhD, Princeton University, 2005). 261 pages. AAT 3169811
Enduring metaphors and the persistence of stigma: The case of prelingual deaf children with cochlear implants. Robillos, April. (PhD, Purdue University, 2005). 184 pages. AAT 3191551
Social and emotional functioning of children with cochlear implants. Schorr, Efrat Altshul. (PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, 2005). 182 pages. AAT 3178606 [End Page 291]
From silence to sound: Cognition and language planning in the international education of prelingually deaf students. Seamans, Patrick William. (PhD, University of Southern...


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