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Journal of the History of Philosophy 43.4 (2005) 507-509

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Contents for Volume XLIII (2005)

Current Scholarship

Aristotle's Metaphysics Reconsidered, MARY LOUISE GILL 223


God's Immutability and the Necessity of Descartes's Eternal Truths, DAN KAUFMAN     1

Desgabets on the Creation of Eternal Truths, MONTE COOK     21

Cordemoy and Occasionalism, STEVEN NADLER     37

Self-Knowledge in Descartes and Malebranche, LAWRENCE NOLAN AND JOHN WHIPPLE     55

Does Malebranche Need Efficacious Ideas?, SUSAN PEPPERS-BATES     83

Socratic Synousia: a post-Platonic Myth?, HAROLD TARRANT     131

Francis Bacon's Forms and the Logic of Ramist Conversion, ANGUS FLETCHER     157

Boyle, Classification, and the Workmanship of the Understanding Thesis, JAN-ERIK JONES     171

Prejudices and Horizons: G. F. Meier's Vernunftlehre and its Relation to Kant, RICCARDO POZZO     185

What is Platonism?, LLOYD P. GERSON     253

Deux notes sur l'« imparfaite science » du géomètre athée, GEORGES J. D. MOYAL     277

Refuting Fichte with "Common Sense": Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer's Reception of the Wissenschaftslehre 1794/5, RICHARD FINCHAM     301

Sartre, Intersubjectivity, and German Idealism, SEBASTIAN GARDNER     325

Peculiar Perfection: Peter Abelard on Propositional Attitudes, martin lenz     377

Descartes and Malebranche on Thought, Sensation and the Nature of the Mind, antonia lolordo     387

Condillac's Paradox, lorne falkenstein     403

Brentano's Intentionality Thesis: Beyond the Analytic and Phenomenological Readings, philip j. bartok     437

Getting the Quasi-Picture: Twardowskian Representationalism and Husserl's Argument Against It, ryan hickerson     461

Book Reviews

Patricia F. O'Grady, Thales of Miletus: The Beginnings of Western Science and Philosophy, KEVIN ROBB     107

Lloyd P. Gerson, Knowing Persons: A Study in Plato, GEORGE RUDEBUSCH     108

Robert Mayhew, The Female in Aristotle's Biology: Reason or Rationalization, TONY PREUS     109

David Sedley, editor, The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy, BRAD INWOOD     111

Robert Wisnovsky, Avicenna's Metaphysics in Context, TANELI KUKKONEN     112

Richard Watson, Cogito, Ergo Sum: The Life of René Descartes, DENNIS DES CHENE     113

Lilli Alanen, Descartes's Concept of Mind, K. J. S. FORSTROM     115

Desmond M. Clarke, Descartes's Theory of Mind, ENRIQUE CHáVEZ-ARVIZO     116 [End Page 507]

Aaron V. Garrett, Meaning in Spinoza's Method, ALAN NELSON AND NOA SHEIN     118

Gideon Freudenthal, editor, Salomon Maimon: Rational Dogmatist, Empirical Skeptic: Critical Assessments, DANIEL BREAZEALE     119

Paola-Ludovika Coriando, Individuation und Einzelnsein: Nietzsche, Leibniz, Aristoteles, BRANDON C. LOOK     121

Donn Welton, editor, The New Husserl: A Critical Reader, BOB SANDMEYER     122

Peter Eli Gordon, Rosenzweig and Heidegger: Between Judaism and German Philosophy, CLAIRE KATZ     124

Scott Soames, Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century, A. P. MARTINICH     127

Marie-Laurence Desclos, Aux marges des dialogues de Platon: Essai d'histoire anthropologique de la philosophie ancienne, ALESSANDRA FUSSI     203

John M. Dillon, The Heirs of Plato: A Study of the Old Academy, 347274 B.C., CARLOS STEEL     204

Dominic J. O'Meara, Platonopolis: Platonic Political Philosophy in Late Antiquity, MICHAEL F. WAGNER     205

Jon Miller and Brad Inwood, editors, Hellenistic and Early Modern Philosophy, CHRISTOPHER S. CELENZA     207

Russell L. Friedman and Lauge O. Nielsen, editors, The Medieval Heritage in Early Modern Metaphysics and Modal Theory, 14001700, JEAN-PASCAL ANFRAY     208

Riccardo Pozzo, editor, The Impact of Aristotelianism on Modern Philosophy, JEAN-ROBERT ARMOGATHE     209

Tom Sorell and Luc Foisneau, editors, Leviathan after 350 Years, SHARON VAUGHAN     210

Alan P. F. Sell, Philosophy, Dissent, and Nonconformity, 16891920 BRUCE KUKLICK     211

Claudia M. Schmidt, David Hume: Reason in History, DARIO PERINETTI     212

Thomas Dixon, From Passions to Emotions: The Creation of a Secular Psychological Category, MAX ROSENKRANTZ     214

Catherine Villanueva Gardner, Women Philosophers: Genre and the Boundaries of Philosophy, LORRAINE CODE     215

Frithjof Rodi, Das strukturierte Ganze: Studien zum Werk von Wilhelm Dilthey, RUDOLF LUETHE     216

Alejandro A. Vallega, Heidegger and the Issue of Space: Thinking on Exilic Grounds, GILBERT LEPADATU     217

David Sedley, The Midwife of Platonism: Text and Subtext in Plato's Theaetetus, ZINA GIANNOPOULOU     353

Thomas A. Szlezák, Die Idee des Guten in Platons Politeia: Beobachtungen zu den mittleren Büchern, FRANCISCO J. GONZALEZ     354

Ann Hartle, Michel de Montaigne: Accidental Philosopher, MARK GREENGRASS...


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