This article identifies feminist third-space (both/and) consciousness in academic and nonacademic contexts. Although dissimilar, both academic discourses and zines (self-published magazines) are comprised of complex rhetorical performances with implications for feminist practices of representation and the re-production of meaning. This article first identifies academic third-space sites resulting from the crossing of disciplinary borders followed by an analysis of activist zines as examples of nonacademic third space, with particular emphasis on representations of bodies and sexualities. Zines reveal the (1) transformative potentials beyond gender binaries; (2) re-visioning of histories; (3) practices of reverso (critical reversals of the normative gaze); (4) deployment of (e)motion as embodied resistance; and (5) emergence of a coalitional consciousness and practices of articulation that have the potential to create and mobilize communities for social justice based on egalitarian social relationships.


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