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The reviews published in print are but a small selection of the reviews available on the Leonardo Reviews web site. Below is a full list of reviews published in LR November 2004-February 2005 <>.

February 2005

Architecture's New Media: Principles, Theories, and Methods of Computer-Aided Design, by Yehuda E. Kalay. Reviewed by Peter Anders.
The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell. Reviewed by Wilfred Niels Arnold.
Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica, by Sriram Pemmaraju and Steven Skiena. Reviewed by Martha Patricia Niño Mojica.
Cook Book: Gertrude Stein, William Cook, and Le Corbusier, by Roy R. Behrens. Reviewed by Dene Grigar.
Data Made Flesh: Embodying Information, edited by Robert Mitchell and Phillip Thurtle. Reviewed by Eugene Thacker.
Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society, by Anthony G. Wilhelm. Reviewed by John F. Barber.
First Person: New Media as Story, Performance and Game, edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat Harrigan. Reviewed by Maia Engeli.
Global IT Outsourcing, Software Development across Borders, by Sundeep Sahay, Brian Nicholson and S. Krishna. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.
The Junction, directed by Ilan Ziv. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
Lucien Hervé: Building Images, by Olivier Beer. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.
Lumière and Company, directed by Sarah Moon. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Models: The Third Dimension of Science, [End Page 265] edited by Soraya De Chadarevian and Nick Hopwood. Reviewed by Craig Hilton.
Operating Theatres and Inhale/Exhale, by Lia Lapithi. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Picturing Machines: 1400-1700, edited by Wolfgang Lefèvre. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.
Reviews of Takahiko Iimura—Film, Video, Multimedia (1978-2001), edited by Kazuyo Yasuda. Reviewed by Andrea Dahlberg.
Robert Smithson and the American Landscape, by Ron Graziani. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
Self-Publishing Textbooks and Instructional Materials, by Franklin H. Silverman. Reviewed by Nisar Keshvani.
The 6th Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics + Aesthetics 6. Schweizer Biennale Zu Wissenschaft, Technik + Ästhetik. Reviewed by Michael Punt.
Under the Spell of Dziga Vertov's Kino-Eye and Kino-Ear: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, 23rd edition. Reviewed by Martha Blassnigg.
The Way Things Go, directed by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
The World Stopped Watching, directed by Peter Raymont. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.

January 2005

Better Things: An Annotated Visual Essay of Photographs Interpreting the Collection of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, by Douglas Holleley. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Carnival of Perception: Selected Writings on Art, by Guy Brett. Reviewed by Katia Maciel.
The Cubist Painters, by Guillaume Apollinaire; translated with commentary by Peter Read. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
David Ehrlich: Citizen of the World, by Oliver Cotte; translated by Sarah Mallinson. Reviewed by Martha Patricia Niño Mojica.
Designing with Kanji: Japanese Character Motifs for Surface, Skin and Spirit, by Shogo Oketani and Leza Lowitz. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Digital Video Technology—Space and Time in the Exhibition Environment, Tate Modern, London, U.K., 6 October 2004-2 January 2005 and Rachel Davies: A Time and a Place, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London, U.K., 1-23 December 2004. Reviewed by Martha Blassnigg.
DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia of Camouflage: Nature, Military, Culture, edited by Hardy Blechman and Alex Newman. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Drug Wars: The Political Economy of Narcotics, by Curtis Marez. Reviewed by Martha Patricia Niño Mojica.
Dutch Electronic Arts Festival '04 (DEAF '04): Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems, Presented by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.
Erkki Kurenniemi: The Dawn of DIMI, edited by Mike Taanila. Reviewed by Martha Patricia Niño Mojica.
Fecal Matters in Early Modern Literature and Art: Studies in Scatology, edited by Jeff Persels and Russell Ganim. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
The Fourth Annual National Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc., The University of California, Berkeley. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
Gyromancy, by the Mnemonist Orchestra and CMCD: Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic and Electronic Works, 1970-1990, by various artists. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Human, by Argon-Evolution. Reviewed by Michael...


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