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The Americas 61.4 (2005) 697-698

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Awards, Fellowships, & Prizes

Conference on Latin American History

As announced at its luncheon on January 7, 2005 at the American Historical Association in Seattle, the Conference on Latin American History recognized the superb achievement of the following scholars:

The Bolton-Johnson Prize (For best book in English on any significant aspect of Latin American History [$1,000 award]):

Winner: Richard Lee Turits
Title: Foundations of Despotism: Peasants, the Trujillo Regime, and Modernity in Dominican History (Stanford University Press, 2003)

Honorable Mention: Linda Lewin
Title: Surprise Heirs I: Illegitimacy, Patrimonial Rights, and Legal Nationalism in Luso-Brazillian Inheritance, 1750-1821, and Surprise Heirs II: Illegitimacy, Inheritance Rights, and Public Power in the Formation of Imperial Brazil, 1822-1889 (Stanford University Press, 2003)

The Conference on Latin American History Prize (For mostdistinguished article published other than in HAHR or The Americas [$200 award])

Winners: Carolyn Dean andDana Leibsohn
Title: "Hybridity and its Discontents: Considering Visual Culture in Colonial Spanish America," Colonial Latin American Historical Review 12:1 (2003), pp. 5-35.

The Tibesar Prize (For most distinguished article in The Americas [$200 award]):

Winner: Marie Francois
Title: "Cloth and Silver: Pawning and Material Life in Mexico City at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century," The Americas 60:3 (January 2004), pp. 325-362 [End Page 697]

The James Alexander Robertson Memorial Prize (For most distinguished article in Hispanic American Historical Review [$200 award]):

Winner: James E. Sanders
Title: "'Citizens of a Free People': Popular Liberalism and Race in Nineteenth-Century Southwestern Colombia," The Hispanic American Historical Review 84:2 (May 2004), pp. 277-313

Honorable Mention: Lowell Gudmundson
Title: "Firewater, Desire, and the Militiamen's Christmas Eve in San Gerónimo, Baja Verapaz, 1892," The Hispanic American Historical Review 84:2 (May 2004), pp. 239-276

The Lewis Hanke Prize (Supports transformation of dissertation into book [$1,000 award]):

Winner: Kristen McCleary
Project title "Culture and Commerce: An Urban History of Theater in Buenos Aires, 1880-1920"

Honorable Mention: Cynthia Milton
Title: "The Many Meanings of Poverty: Colonial Compacts and Social Assistance in Eighteenth-Century Quito"

Honorable Mention: Edward Osowski
Title: "Saints of the Republic: Nahua Religious Obligations in Central Mexico, 1692-1810"

The Lydia Cabrera Award for Cuban Historical Studies (Supports study of Cuba between 1492 and 1868 [$5,000 award]):

Winner: Evelyn Powell Jennings
Project title: "State Slavery in Colonial Havana, 1763-1840."

The James R. Scobie Memorial Award (Supports exploratory research trip abroad to determine the feasibility of a Ph.D. dissertation topic dealing with some facet of Latin American history [$1,000 award]):

Winner: Cesar Seveso
Title: "El 'Verdadero' Peronismo: The Hopes, Crumbling Convictions, and Premonitions of the Peronist and Marxist Left in Argentina, 1955-1976"

Distinguished Service Award (Conferred annually upon a person whose career in scholarship, teaching, publishing, librarianship, institutional development or other fields demonstrates significant contributions to the advancement of the study of Latin American history in the United States [$500 award and a plaque suitably inscribed]

Winner: James Lockhart