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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 60.2 (2005) 222-226

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Recent Dissertations in the History of Medicine*

In this list of recently completed dissertations the highlighted number uniquely identifies each thesis and is your key to further information about it. Abstracts can be viewed in Dissertation Abstracts, issued monthly and available at many libraries. Some libraries provide free access to dissertations and abstracts online, including the capacity to download them in full. Most dissertations can also be ordered via Bell and Howell Information and Learning by calling 800-521-0600 or writing to 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Dissertations can be ordered online through the Bell and Howell Web site at

Alaniz, Jose. Necrorama: Spectacles of death and dying in late/post-Soviet Russian culture. University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 360 pages. 3121382

Amster, Ellen Jean. Medicine and sainthood: Islamic science, French colonialism and the politics of healing in Morocco, 1877-1935. University of Pennsylvania, 2003, 319 pages. 3109147

Avery, Dona M. Bending "The Hunchback": A rhetorical inquiry into Hollywood's quasi-medieval relationship with disability. Arizona State University, 2004, 411 pages. 3123515

Baglia, Jay. Building masculinity: Viagra and the performance of sexual health. University of South Florida, 2003, 224 pages. 3116416

Bardin, Gay Hsiao-Lin. The plague of language: A reading of Boccaccio's "Decameron." University of California, Los Angeles, 2003, 239 pages. 3117667

Bauman, Allen H. The male malaise: Paralysis and masculinity in literature, 1880-1914. University of Tulsa, 2004, 301 pages. 3123899 [End Page 222]

Bertiz, Agnes Acolos. Picturing health: The garden and courtiers at play in the late fourteenth-century illuminated "Tacuinum Sanitatis." University of Southern California, 2003, 404 pages. 3116666

Cheu, Johnson Fan. Disabling cure in twentieth-century America: Disability, identity, literature and culture. Ohio State University, 2003, 208 pages. 3124049

Choi, Tina Young. The sanitary imagination: Narrative and the urban condition in nineteenth-century Britain. University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 235 pages. 3121438

Coonfield, Gordon. Mapping addiction. Michigan Technological University, 2003, 188 pages. 3115199

Crockett, Lynne. Victorians and vivisection: Fictions of pain from the fin de si├Ęcle. New York University, 2004, 278 pages. 3114187

Dearmont, Diane. Automatic writing: A history from Mesmer to Breton. University of Washington, 2004, 258 pages. 3118843

Dewhirst, Timothy. Tobacco marketing and public policy in Canada, 1960-2002: The role of sponsorship. University of British Columbia, 2003, 345 pages. NQ86057

Djietror, Godwin A. Towards an understanding of geographic variation in cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity in Ontario, 1986-1994. McMaster University, 2003, 301 pages. NQ86521

Donohue, Julie Marie. Pharmaceutical promotion in an age of consumerism. Harvard University, 2004, 124 pages. 3117982

Dungan, Elizabeth Anne. Discourses of dis-ease: Medical imaging and contemporary art. University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 442 pages. 3121466

Ferrales, Toi Deneece. Deconstructing AIDS policy: A comparative analysis between Mexico and the United States. University of Texas, Austin, 2003, 205 pages. 3120294

Hakre, Shilpa. The epidemiology of malaria in Belize, 1989-1999. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 2003, 269 pages. 3117211

Happe, Kelly Elizabeth. The rhetoric of geneticization: Science, ideology, and the case of breast cancer. University of Pittsburgh, 2003, 285 pages. 3117764

Herndon, April Michelle. Carrying the torch: Fatness and nation in the age of weight loss. Michigan State University, 2003, 214 pages. 3115973 [End Page 223]

Huebel, Anne Kristina. "More than an individual"? The paradoxes of motherhood in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. University of Minnesota, 2004, 330 pages. 3121839

Johannson, Nsenga Lee. Viewing African-American history through the lens of health: The Great Migration and African Americans in Detroit, 1916-1940. University of Michigan, 2004, 319 pages. 3121957

Jolly, J. Christopher. Thresholds of uncertainty: Radiation and responsibility in the fallout controversy. Oregon State University, 2004, 591 pages. 3115467

Kerner, Jaclynne J. Art in the name of science: Illustrated manuscripts of the Kitab al-diryaq. New York University, 2004, 543 pages. 3114204

Kieltyka, Roberta Lyn. Tracking of fasting serum glucose, insulin, and HOMA from 1976-2001: The Bogalusa Heart Study. Tulane University, 2003, 96 pages. 3116935

Kissack, Terence S. Anarchism...


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