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MLN 119.5 (2004) 1145-1150

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MLN Volume 119 (2004)


Arnould, Elisabeth. Le poésie comme non-savoir 781 (4)

Barsella, Susanna. The Myth of Prometheus in Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron S120 (S)

Blanchard, Marc. On the Style of the Coming Philosophy: "Le style, c'est la femme" (BUFFON). 696 (4)

Block, Richard. From Goethe's Weimar to Hess' Zion: Remapping a Literary History Through Textual Configurations of Sexuality 409 (3)

Borland, Isabel Alvarez. "A Reminiscent Memory": Lezama, Zoé Valdés, and Rilke's Island 344 (2)

Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke. Machiavelli and the Politics of Grace S224 (S)

Bragantini, Renzo. Il ciclo di ritratti affrescati di cittadella: appunti sulle fonti letterarie 1 (1)

Bullard, Melissa Meriam. Storying Death in the Renaissance: The Recapture of Roberto di Sanseverino (1418-1487) S178 (S)

Celenza, Christopher S. Lorenzo Valla, "Paganism," and Orthodoxy S66 (S)

Cesaretti, Enrico. The Language of Passion: Gesture and Melodrama in Niccolò Tommaseo's Fede e bellezza 52 (1)

Ciliberto, Michele. Salvatore Camporeale e gli studi sull' Umanesimo S41 (S)

Constable, Liz. Unbecoming Sexual Desires for Women Becoming Sexual Subjects: Simone de Beauvoir (1949) and Catherine Breillat (1999) 672 (4)

Crowley, Martin. Bataille's Tacky Touch 766 (4)

De Castro, Juan E. Christopher Isherwood Meets Jorge Luis Borges: On the Value of South American Cultures 329 (2)

Defaux, Gérard. Cinna, tragédie chrétienne? Essai de mise au point 718 (4)

Defaux, Gérard. Facing the Marot Generation: Ronsard's giovenili errori S299 (S) [End Page 1145]

Dempsey, Charles. Sicut in utrem aquas maris: Jerome Bosch's Prolegomenon to the Garden of Earthly Delights S247 (S)

Deutscher, Penelope. Enemies and Reciprocities 656 (4)

Dinverno, Melissa. García Lorca's Suites and the Editorial Construction of Literature 302 (2)

Fiorenza, Giancarlo. Fables, Ruins, and the "bell'imperfetto" in the Art of Dosso Dossi S271 (S)

Fisch, Gina. Charrière's Untimely Realism: Aesthetic Representation and Literary Pedagogy in Lettres de Lausanne and La Princesse de Clèves 1058 (5)

Gaillard, Françoise. Autoportrait sur fond de paysage américain 637 (4)

Giannini, Stefano. Piero Chiara e la tradizione 174 (1)

Gonsalves, Joshua D. The Case of Antonin Artaud and the Possibility of Comparative (Religion) Literature 1033 (5)

González, Eduardo. Odysseus' Bed and Cleopatra's Mattress (69) 930 (5)

Gorni, Guglielmo. Filologia materiale, filologia congetturale, filologia senza aggettivi S108 (S)

Graf, E. C. Martin and the Ghosts of the Papacy: Don Quijote 1.19 between Sulpicius Severus and Thomas Hobbes 949 (5)

Hoolsema, Daniel J. The Echo of an Impossible Future in The Literary Absolute 845 (4)

Izbicki, Thomas M. The Origins of the De ornatu mulierum of Antonius of Florence S142 (S)

Jacobs, Carol. What does it mean to count?—W. G. Sebald's The Emigrants 905 (5)

Jaffe, Catherine. Of Women's Love, Learning, and (In)Discretion: María Lorenza de Los Ríos's La sabia indiscreta (1803) 270 (2)

Jølle, Jonas. The River and its Metaphors: Goethe's "Mahomets Gesang" 431 (3)

Laraway, David. José Martí and the Call of Technology in "Amor de ciudad grande" 290 (2)

López, Silvia L. Your Simone: Eros, Ethics and the Other Scene of Writing in Simone de Beauvoir 644 (4)

Marchesini, Manuela. Literature as the Experience of Boundary Crossing: Gadda's Descent to Hell and the Solution to That Awful Mess of Via Merulana109 (1)

Monnin, Luc. Condillac : Le rêve d'un réductionniste 819 (4)

Moss, Jean Dietz. Rhetoric, the Measure of All Things S56 (S) [End Page 1146]

Müller-Schöll, Nikolaus. "Wichtig zu lernen vor allem ist Einverständnis." Brecht zwischen Kafka und Carl Schmitt 506 (3)

North, Paul. Der Zerrissene: Nestroy at the Rip 451 (3)

Pagano, Tullio. From Diaspora to Empire: Enrico Corradini's Nationalist Novels 67 (1)

Palma, Pina. Of Courtesans, Knights, Cooks and Writers: Food in the Renaissance 37 (1)

Pike, David L. "Kaliko-Welt": The Großstädte of Lang's Metropolis and Brecht's Dreigroschenoper 474 (3)

Pranger, Burcht. Henry James and Augustine on Still Life 979 (5)

Quispe-Agnoli, Rocío. Yo y el Otro: identidad y alteridad...


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