George S. Patton: A Biography (review)
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George S. Patton: A Biography. By David Andrew Smith. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2003. ISBN 0-313-32353-4. Photographs. Bibliographic essay. Index. Pp. xx, 130. $29.95.

In the Greenwood Press series keyed to high school students and public library readers, David A. Smith, a Lecturer in History at Baylor University, has written a brief and engaging life of General George S. Patton. His description of Patton's early and middle years is especially good, but his account of Patton's service in World Wars I and II is somewhat deficient.

Although probably adequate for the anticipated audience, Smith's narrative of Patton in the conflicts' campaigns has several gaps. There is no mention of Patton's preattack patrol reconnaissance in enemy territory in 1918 or of his promotion to colonel. In World War II, Smith says nothing of Patton's and Omar Bradley's difficulties in dealing with their reversal of command in Normandy or of the Falaise pocket.

A few sketch maps would no doubt have helped both the author and his readers.

Martin Blumenson
Washington, D.C.