What MUSE Can Do For Your e-Books

MUSE Book Collections will get maximum exposure, and meaningful revenue, with minimum cost

  • State of the Art Electronic Publishing at No Cost to You
    • MUSE will cover all online publishing costs, including platform development, interface design, and functionality; compliance with current and emerging publishing standards; abuse monitoring, watermarking, and anti-piracy software
  • MUSE’s business model returns maximum revenue share to participating publishers

MUSE e-books will reach millions of users worldwide

  • A Highly-Dedicated, Experienced Sales Force Working for You
    • Project MUSE will handle all sales and promotion of e-book collections to academic, public, school, and special libraries worldwide.
    • MUSE has a strong, 15-year track record of successful negotiations with major library consortia and customers around the world.
    • MUSE has the advantage of established relationships with motivated agents in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East to ensure broad market penetration.
  • Global Dissemination of Your Books
    • MUSE’s rapidly expanding international base now includes subscribing libraries in over 70 countries.
    • Millions of users have access to MUSE journal content in all major regions of the world and soon they will have access to book content as well.
    • Project MUSE partners with respected organizations to bring affordable access to scholars in developing and transitional economies.
  • Your Books and Book Chapters Will Be Discoverable and Accessible, Where Your Users Are
    • Last year, MUSE users downloaded over 10 million journal articles and performed over 12 million searches of the journal content.
    • Major library databases and discovery services link directly to content on MUSE.
    • MUSE covers the cost of participation in CrossRef, a publisher consortium that facilitates reference linking.
    • MUSE provides tools that facilitate collaboration among colleagues and students.

MUSE book publishers will retain control over their content and their brands

  • Know Where and How Your Book is Being Used
    • MUSE will provide usage data at the title and chapter level, which can help publishers make editorial and marketing decisions.
    • Publishers can see which institutions are using their books, and receive regular sales reports.
    • Project MUSE will not share or license your content to third parties.
  • A Unique Home for Your Books Online
    • Each book’s attractive landing page showcases your title.
    • Functionality at the book and chapter level allows users to browse a book from cover to cover and search for keywords appearing within your book on MUSE.
  • A Publisher Voice in the MUSE Community
    • Project MUSE hosts an annual publishers meeting where participants can engage in discussion about current online publishing issues as well as future MUSE initiatives.
    • The Project MUSE Advisory Board provides regular input and advice on MUSE policies and procedures.

Interested in Participating in the Project MUSE Books Program?

Project MUSE welcomes the participation of non-profit publishers of scholarly peer-reviewed books. For questions about joining Project MUSE,  please contact us at muse_colldev@press.jhu.edu