Participating in Project MUSE’s Journals Program

Project MUSE offers two options for participating in our journals program: our original Journal Collections and our new Hosted Journals program. These programs have distinct business models but share many of the same basic features.

The Collections

Project MUSE offers journal collections in the humanities and social sciences to institutions and libraries worldwide. There is no fee or cost to publishers to participate in the collections, and MUSE returns annual royalties from collection sales to the publishers. All Collection Journals are in the Premium Collection, while MUSE offers additional smaller collections designed for different kinds of libraries. Read more about the collection offerings to libraries.

A limited number of journals are selected for addition to the collections each year. MUSE bases individual journal selection on criteria including coverage in selective indexes, library holdings, recommendations from librarians and scholars, and how well the subject matter fits with the rest of the collection. Read additional information to determine if a journal is a good fit for the MUSE Collections. Applications to place journals in Project MUSE are accepted year-round. Selections are made by the end of each summer, and invitations to join Project MUSE for the forthcoming calendar year are sent to journals that meet our collection development criteria.

A title launching in the Project MUSE collections reaches millions of users around the world. MUSE has a dedicated sales force that promotes and secures sales of the journal collections to institutions of all types. Its sales and marketing group has many years of experience in successful negotiations with libraries, library consortia, and subscription agents worldwide. A consistent annual subscriber retention rate of over 95% is clear evidence that libraries and users find the MUSE collections an essential resource for teaching and research.

While Project MUSE focuses on selling journal collections to libraries, participating publishers also have options for selling single institutional subscriptions to their journal(s) unbundled from the collections.

With the costs of delivering an online journal in the MUSE collections—XML conversion and coding, online features and functionality, international sales and marketing—covered by Project MUSE, each year the participating Journal Collection publishers save thousands of dollars.

Read more about the terms and conditions for licensing a journal for the MUSE collections. 

Hosted Journals

Debuting in 2015, Project MUSE now offers hosting services for those journals that want to benefit from all the features and functionality of the MUSE platform but do not require the sales and marketing support offered through inclusion in our collections-based model. Debuting in 2015, the Project MUSE Hosted Journals Program allows publishers to include journals on the MUSE platform through a fee-based arrangement outside of the MUSE Collections. MUSE Hosted Journals are integrated into the complete listing of MUSE journals and benefit from all of the same features, functionality, and services as with journals in our collections. An annual Hosting fee covers all services and features offered to collection journals. Variable fees charged per article cover one-time processing costs.

Publishers can offer Hosted Journals via institutional subscription through our single title subscription options: a publisher can do its own fulfillment with MUSE providing the access, or MUSE can take care of fulfillment services as well. Alternatively, publishers can offer Hosted Journals as completely open access. All Hosted Journals benefit from the exposure that comes from being on the MUSE platform, which is present in over 2500 libraries throughout the world.

MUSE currently seeks additional peer-reviewed journals in the humanities and social sciences, whether subscription-based or open access, for its Hosted Journals program. MUSE selects and adds Hosted Journals on an ongoing basis without the restrictions on annual number of new journals or specific timelines of our Collection Journals program. Publishers can also apply to have subscription-based Hosted Journals transferred to the Journal Collections program during the annual Collection Journal selection process.

If you are interested in learning more about our Hosted Journals program, please contact our Publisher Relations Department.

More Features of the Journals Program

The following features pertain to journals in both the Collections Program and the Hosted Journals Program.

For questions about putting your journal(s) on the Project MUSE platform, please contact our Publisher Relations Department.

To submit your journal for consideration for either the Collections or Hosted Journals programs, please complete the form Apply to Include Your Journal in MUSE.

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