Project MUSE and Non-Profit Publishers

Part of Project MUSE's mission is to help non-profit and small independent publishers be successful in the electronic publishing world.

University Presses and Project MUSE

Project MUSE, a unit of the Johns Hopkins University Press, understands the mission and role of the university press in the scholarly communication network. MUSE was built upon the strength and quality of several notable university press journal publishing programs. MUSE launched in 1995 with journals from the Johns Hopkins University Press and shortly added journals from other university presses including MIT Press, Indiana University Press, Oxford University Press, University of Texas Press, University of Nebraska Press, Brookings Institution Press, University of Toronto Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of Hawaii Press, University of Illinois Press, and the University of Wisconsin Press. MUSE continues to attract university presses most recently adding SUNY Press, Northwestern University Press, and University of Alabama Press, among others.

Project MUSE combined the strengths of individual journals and journal programs from multiple presses, societies, and other non-profit publishers, to create a powerful interdisciplinary journal collection seen as essential by academic libraries worldwide. Bringing together key titles also created strong subject-based synergies such as in film studies, Judaic studies, modern literature, and more. Participation in this rich, well-designed collection helped individual titles reach a much wider audience.

MUSE expanded in 2012 with the addition of MUSE Book Collections that provided the opportunity to work with university presses that exclusively publish books, including New York University Press, Temple University Press, Rutgers University Press, University of Georgia Press, University of Michigan Press, University of Virginia Press, Syracuse University Press, and Georgetown University Press.

Other University-based Publishers

Project MUSE also works with:

  • Independent scholarly publishers that are part of universities, usually specialized in a subject area, including Slavica Publishers (Indiana University), ELT Press (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), and The Feminist Press (City University of New York).
  • Academic departments and research institutions that publish books and journals directly with MUSE.
  • Editors of journals, such as the James Joyce Quarterly and Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature (University of Tulsa Department of English), Studies in the Novel (University of North Texas Department of English), Population, English version (Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques, France), Monumenta Nipponica (from Sophia University, Japan), Journal of Korean Studies (Center for Korea Studies, University of Washington), Ecotone (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), Indonesia (Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University), Asia Policy (National Bureau of Asian Research), and many more.
  • Scholarly societies who bring their flagship journals, such as the Linguistic Society of America, African Studies Association, Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Music Library Association, Society for Japanese Studies, Society of Biblical Literature, and the Latin American Studies Association