MUSE Books File Format Requirements

Final ebook electronic files in Portable Document Format (PDF) are due in advance of the ebook title’s scheduled release. File format requirements and file due dates are subject to change, with notice to the publisher.

Current Minimum File Requirements:

  • Filenaming - Each ebook PDF must be named by the eISBN (electronic ISBN).
  • Compatibility - Use a setting no higher than Acrobat 8.0 (PDF 1.7) and no lower than Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4).
  • Security - Do not use password protection or any of Acrobat’s security features.
  • Image and Graphics Resolution - Set the sampling size to 300 pixels per inch.
  • Fonts - All fonts must be fully embedded, font subsets are unacceptable.
  • Color - Use sRGB.
  • Page Display Settings - Set to “Show Page Only” and use Acrobat’s defaults for page layout and magnification.
  • Pagination - Set Acrobat’s pagination to match the pagination of the book PDF, making sure that each page as a unique page label. 
  • Cropped Pages - Crop pages uniformly to maintain print size margins and to remove registration and printer marks.
  • Omitted Content - Replace omitted content with a page containing the following text:  “To view this content, please refer to the print edition of this book.  [Include page range.]
  • Blank Pages - Stamp blank pages with the text “This page intentionally left blank.”
  • Bookmarks - Bookmark all content of your ebook (including, but not limited to, the cover, table of contents, front matter, body, and back matter) with appropriately labeled bookmarks. (Please see PDF Ebook Preparation & Submission Guidelines for complete bookmarking instructions.)
  • Cover Image - If the book’s cover is included in the ebook PDF, a separate JPEG, GIF, or PNG file of the book’s cover must also be submitted with the ebook PDF. 


See complete PDF Ebook Preparation & Submission Guidelines.