Creating and Submitting Files to Project MUSE

Article by Article (AxA) Publishing

In addition to accepting complete, final journal issues, Project MUSE offers AxA Publishing, which allows publishers to get their content out to readers faster than ever before: 

  • You can submit article PDFs to our Preprint Publishing program as soon as they have been through copyediting and technical editing, and we will launch them to our site within 48 hours.  
  • You can use our Continuous Publishing program to submit finished articles before the rest of the issue is ready.  We will launch them, with full XML conversion, within 14 days.  
  • You can create Digital Only content, which we can launch within 48 hours as PDFs or 14 days as XML.  

More information about the AxA Publishing program (PDF).  

Creating Final PDFs

The technical specifications for creating PDFs are the same whether you are submitting a complete, final journal issue or are participating in the AxA Publishing program.  

Templates and full specifications for creating PDFs (PDF)

In order to begin working on a complete, final journal issue, Project MUSE must receive the following files from the publisher:

  • PDF of the final, approved, and corrected version of each article
  • PDFs of all front matter, particularly the table of contents, editorial board, and copyright statement
  • PDF or JPEG of the front and back cover, including the caption and credits for any artwork appearing on the covers

To submit a preprint article or to create a continuous issue or a digital issue, please contact for instructions.  

Uploading Files to Project MUSE

All files must be submitted to MUSE through our Publisher Uploader.  All publishers are given account credentials for this interface when they first join Project MUSE.  If you have forgotten your user name or password or have any other questions, contact

Instructions for uploading journal files to Project MUSE (PDF)

Abstracts and Keywords

Project MUSE encourages publishers to include abstracts and keywords with all of their articles.  If abstracts and keywords appear in the article PDFs, we will extract them and handle them accordingly.  However, if your article PDFs do not include abstracts and keywords, you can upload them to Project MUSE separately, using this template. 

Abstract and Keyword FAQ

Templates to submit Abstracts and Keywords (PDF)

Supplemental Material

Project MUSE accepts a variety of supplemental materials, including multimedia files, white papers, and spreadsheets, to enhance our publishers’ digital content. 

The Templates and full specifications for Creating PDFs contains information about the types of files that we accept, our specifications for these files, and our required naming conventions.