Before Submitting a Journal to Project MUSE

With a limited number of openings for new journal titles each year, Project MUSE generally receives many more applications than can be accommodated. If you are considering submitting your journal for consideration, please note the following information to help decide if your journal is an appropriate fit. As always, we are happy to answer questions: please contact our Content Development Department.

  • Browse Project MUSE by discipline to get an idea of the subject coverage of the MUSE journal and book collection.
  • As a rule, MUSE is looking for humanities and social science titles that have demonstrated broad appeal, as reflected in existing institutional subscriptions, inclusion in selective indexes and bibliographies, and strong editorial boards.
  • MUSE is also interested in more narrowly focused journals that can complement our existing holdings and add depth in our core subject areas.
  • MUSE is unable to include journals which are freely available elsewhere online. MUSE does not want to charge its library customers for content that they can get for free elsewhere on the Internet.
  • MUSE is unable to include journals published by for-profit companies. This policy stems from MUSE's mission, which provides for helping non-profit publishers and independent journals continue to provide affordable content to scholars and libraries.