Journal Collections, Quotes, and Pricing

Subscriptions are for a calendar year; all subscriptions expire on December 31. Subscriptions beginning after January 31 will be pro-rated for the remainder of the calendar year. There are no rolling subscription terms. Consortium subscription arrangements are available.

Request Journal Trial Access

Request journal trial access using the online form. MUSE offers a free 45-day trial to the Premium Collection, unless otherwise requested, for institutions considering a subscription to MUSE journals. Limited to one 45-day trial in a 24-month period. Trial access is available to institutions only, not to individuals. Usage statistics are not provided for trial access.

Journals Order Form

Place your order for a subscription to a journal collection. Subscriptions to journal collections are available to institutions only, not to individuals.

License and Agreement

Review copy of license and agreement required of subscribers to MUSE journals.

Collections and Comparison Charts

Collection descriptions and comparison charts.

North American Academic Libraries

Collections and pricing.

International Academic and Public Libraries

Price quote form. How MUSE determines pricing for international institutions.

School Libraries

Special offer for school libraries.

North American Public Libraries

Collections and pricing.

Special Libraries

Price quote form.

Complete Run Journals

Journals with their complete run on Project MUSE. 

Current Journal Subscribers

Subscribers to Project MUSE journal collections.

Sales Agents Procedures

Information for subscription agents.


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