School Libraries

Project MUSE offers high schools a full-text collection of interdisciplinary journals in the humanities and social sciences. MUSE is great for schools teaching Advanced Placement (AP) courses or offering International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

How Can High School Libraries Benefit from Project MUSE?

Request Journal Trial Access

MUSE offers a free 45-day trial to the Premium Collection, unless otherwise requested, for institutions considering a subscription to MUSE journals. Limited to one 45-day trial in a 24-month period. Request journal trial access using the online form.

Order a Subscription to Project MUSE Journals

Place your order for a subscription to a journal collection. The Project MUSE subscription term is the calendar year January 1-December 31. All subscriptions are entered to expire on December 31; there are no rolling subscription terms. Rates for orders placed after the first of the year will be pro-rated to the number of months remaining in the current term.

2018 Subscription Option for School Libraries

  Project MUSE Premium Collection $1,725


2019 Subscription Option for School Libraries

Project MUSE Premium Collection $1,725


Please contact Project MUSE Customer Support with any questions about access to MUSE journals.


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