Supplying IP Addresses

Project MUSE offers access by IP authentication and referring URL only. At this time, we do not support access by login/password. To arrange for access by referring URL contact MUSE Customer Support. Refer to the FAQ for questions about access to MUSE

How Do IP Addresses Work with a MUSE Subscription?

The institutional order form asks for the IP numbers for which MUSE access should be enabled. Your library information technology (IT) specialist or campus computing staff should be able to provide you with this information. Please verify all IP addresses and IP ranges before submitting them to MUSE.

Examples of valid IP Ranges:
Single Station:
IP Range: -
Entire Network: 128.220.*.* or 210.45.198.*

Examples of invalid IP ranges: We cannot enable access for a private network, or intranet.
Single Station: -
IP Range: -
Entire network: -

Consortium or Multi-Campus Systems

Because of the many varieties of network configurations each institution may have, we need to receive either a subscription form for each institution in the consortium, or a spreadsheet including all the required information for each member.

Please note: All IP addresses will be verified before access is enabled.