Consortium Ordering

Project MUSE is pleased to offer discounts to qualified library consortia. The consortium discount is applied to each participating institution's price, as determined by our standard pricing model. To be eligible for a consortium discount, an organization must meet the following criteria:

Each participating member of a consortium may choose from any of the MUSE journal or book collections currently offered – consortium members need not all select the same collection. A legitimate subscription agent may organize an open consortium of its customers for the purposes of a MUSE journal subscription or book purchase, provided all conditions above are met. (Please see our page for subscription agents for further details on agent procedures and commissions.) Consortia may include multiple library types, and may include libraries from more than one state or country. MUSE also welcomes discussion of multiple-year subscription commitments from consortia, and may offer more favorable discounts for such arrangements.

Libraries considering a subscription to MUSE journals or purchase of MUSE book collections may wish to view our list of participating consortia to see if their preferred consortium currently has a relationship with MUSE.

To inquire about a consortium subscription or purchase arrangement with Project MUSE, please contact MUSE Customer Support.