Archiving and Preservation of Project MUSE Content

Project MUSE is committed to providing permanent maintenance and preservation of all the digital files in the MUSE database. No content published online in MUSE will be removed or made inaccessible to current, paid journal subscribers or to paid book purchasers. All MUSE partner publishers are contractually bound to allow any journal content published in MUSE to remain permanently in the database, even if they should choose to discontinue their relationship with MUSE.

Project MUSE maintains both local back-up servers and a mirror server offsite, in Australia. Further, Project MUSE works with other providers to arrange storage of backup copies of all digital files at their sites to ensure future availability.

Libraries own the material from the MUSE journal collection(s) to which they subscribe and from the book collection(s) which they have purchased. For details on the specific archiving rights of libraries see:

Journal Subscription

Section V. Archiving, of the Project MUSE Institutional Licensing Agreement.

Book Collection Purchase

Section V. Perpetual Access and Archiving, of the Project MUSE Institutional Book Purchase Agreement.